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Heal Differently: Mindfulness Based Retreat with Horses

23rd May 2017 - 29th May 2017 Hamlet Luxury Farmhouse, English Speakers Abroad


We believe that horses can become our partners in healing by allowing us to experience the serenity of the present moment and provide us mirrors of our own emotions, ways of communicating and challenges in relationships. 'HEAL DIFFERENTLY' programme was carefully designed to provide you with a unique approach to personal health and growth involving the horse-human relationship. It promotes emotional growth and learning, psychological exploration, enhanced relationships, awareness of the present moment, improved communication and encourages insight and healing.

You will learn to:

- Practice mindfulness formally and in your daily life
- Cultivate the attitudes of mind that incline you toward compassionate engagement with yourself and the world
- Handle emotions and challenging situations with greater ease
- Be more embodied and connected to yourself and the world around you
- Support yourself at times of difficulty or failure
- Take steps towards appreciating yourself
- Be less judgemental of yourself and others
- Work with emotions skillfully in a body-oriented way

Other features will also entail being able to:

- Introduce yourself to and interact with horses
- Participate in unique experiences based on Equine-Assisted Therapy and designed around your specific needs and those of the group
- Become more aware of your social and emotional patterns
- Develop a bond with a particular horse if you wish to
- Explore your learning with the group or individual facilitators
- Experience farm-life first hand and engage in some tasks, such as feeding the horses

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