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Level 1 & 2 Basic Focusing Skills Course

21st February 2022 - 11th April 2022

Focusing Skills Certificate online

February 21 to April 11, 2022

After the first two levels of my level 1 to 5 Focusing Skills course, you will be able to have a Focusing partnership with others who have also learned the basics of Focusing.

Level  1 & 2 will take place on a weekly basis, three hours each time, on Mondays 4pm to 7pm UK time.

02/21, 02/28, 03/07, 03/14
03/21, 03/28, 04/04, 04/11

What you will learn:

  • What is Focusing?
  • Becoming a self-guiding Focuser
  • Symbolizing the Felt Sense and resonating
  • Being with the ‘Edge of Awareness’ – ‘Living Forward Movement’
  • Learning to ask for what you need from your listener
  • Rules for safety and the power of Self-in-Presence
  • Listening with your whole self and reflecting
  • Deepening your listening skills, offering basic reminding-suggestions
  • Clearing a Space (placing your problems aside)
  • Focusing alone

In level 1 & 2 you will be offered a lot of new material to experiment with. This might feel technical or artificial at times. For you to begin to flow with Focusing process naturally and intuitively needs practice. With time, you can inwardly relax, both as a Focuser and as  listener, which is the foundation for a deeply meaningful process to occur. Therefore, I highly recommend joining the entire level 1-5 course until September 12, 2022.

If you are unsure, schedule a Focusing Session with me, the fee will be offset against the course fee in case you decide to join.

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