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Pause for Presence …… Awakening more fully to your own Aliveness

10th July 2021 Zoom Platform

Introductory online

Please consider yourself to be warmly invited to our next Pause for Presence gathering on Saturday 10th July.

As we move beyond midsummer, we are surrounded by the aliveness and bounty of Nature. We tend the land and provide the best conditions for everything to grow, but most of the process of growth goes on quietly, out of sight, visible only through its fruits.

In this gathering, you are invited to give your body the best conditions you can for awakening more fully to its own aliveness, for stepping back and sensing into the underlying energy field of spacious, life-giving Presence that animates and heals us.

You will have time to come to rest in that field of Presence, which is always there within and around you, undisturbed by the surface feelings and concerns of daily living; and to allow yourself to be held and nourished.  Being together in this way with others creates a palpable energy field of group Presence which allows you to experience Presence in a much deeper way than if you were on your own.

The format of the gathering is simple. After brief guidance, there will be time to silently rest in Presence in whatever way feels right for you.  There will also be time for any sharing that may want to happen.

The details:

If you are unable to attend, you can still register to receive an audio-recording of the guided sessions for a £7 fee.


Addie van der Kooy and Cecelia Clegg

UK Wholebody Focusing Trainers

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