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Pause for Presence Gathering

21st November 2020 Zoom Platform

Introductory online

Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there. And when our souls lie down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about” – Rumi


In challenging times like these, it feels increasingly important to take time to experience a dimension in us that is not touched and affected by what is going on around and within us. This inner dimension does not disconnect us emotionally from what is happening but it allows us to rest and resource ourselves so that we can stay open and be more fully present to Life.

Rumi’s poem above is an invitation to rest in this dimension – sometimes called “the underlying field of living Presence”– a sense of the aliveness felt within the body and around us as a nourishing Presence that holds and constantly resources us. The more often you make time and space to felt sense this energy field of Presence or Being, the more you activate it and the more it can emerge as a resource in your Focusing and daily life.

To “lie down in that grass” together with other people is what these 90-minutes long monthly on-line Pause for Presence gatherings are all about.  After a brief guidance into Presence (for those who need it), we silently come to rest in “this underlying field of Presence”, letting ourselves “just be” There is also space for any sharing that wants to happen.

These monthly on-line gatherings create a palpable energy field of group Presence which allows you to experience Presence in a much deeper way than if you were on your own.

Opening up to Life together in this way can also be “an oasis amidst all the world chaos at present time”, as a recent participant described it.

The Details:

All are welcome!


UK Wholebody Focusing trainers Addie van der Kooy and Cecelia Clegg

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