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Welcoming the New Year with a Pause

16th January 2021 Zoom Platform

Introductory online

Please consider yourself to be warmly invited to our next monthly on-line Pause for Presence gathering on Saturday 16th January.

In our last gathering the image of the ocean floor emerged with a sense of its deep vibrantly alive stillness, unperturbed by but not separate from the wind-swept waves and cross-currents on its surface.  This image speaks eloquently of the dimension of Presence that can be felt inside us as “an underlying energy field of living Presence”, always alive, at peace and undisturbed by the waves of thoughts, emotions and physical discomforts you may experience on the surface.

The idea of these monthly 90-minutes gatherings is to come to rest in this underlying field of Presence – a sense of the aliveness felt within the body and around us as a nourishing Presence that holds and constantly resources us: to rest and be nourished by the aliveness of “just being”.  Being together in this way creates a palpable energy field of group Presence which allows you to experience Presence in a much deeper way than if you were on your own.

The format of our 90-minute gathering is simple.  After a brief guidance into Presence (for those who need it), we silently come to rest in “this underlying field of Presence”.  There will also be time for any heartfelt sharing that wants to happen.

The Details:

All are welcome!


UK Wholebody Focusing trainers Addie van der Kooy and Cecelia Clegg

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