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Abdul Mateen Omary



I have got BA in Psychology, Certifying Focusing professional coordinator and TOT in Psychosocial and peace building.
Focusing has changed my life, it taught me how to build effective relationships, it gradually changed my behaviour. Focusing helped me develop my listening skills and I learnt to put myself in a client situation for better outcomes.
Focusing is a process of self-consciousness and improvement of feelings. Focusing is a process of listening to our body in a gentle approach, it is listening to the internal messages. The results of listening to ourselves are the insight, into the physical release and positive changes in our life.

I first started Focusing and Psychosocial and peace building training with doctor Patricia Omidian in Afghanistan. Since 2006 up until 2014 I have given training to teachers, local school students, orphanage student, kinder garden student as well as prisoners. This was a phenomenal experience.

What services do I offer?

I am currently working voluntary on a mental health project with Paiwand Afghan association in London. In this project I give one-to-one and group Focusing and Psychosocial training.

I offer individual and group focusing, Focusing with children, refuges and detainees.
Professional Focusing training.
Focusing in Islam
Psychosocial individual and group training.
Counselling sessions (families, individual and group).

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