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Alex Brew

London NW3

  • Grief
  • Trauma
  • Meditation
  • Spirituality
  • Wholebody Focusing
  • Creativity
  • Dreams
  • Inner relationship Focusing
  • Nature connection
  • Children Focusing


I am a BFA-recognised Focusing Practitioner. In Focusing sessions you can expect to develop trust in yourself and your body and its sense of situations.

What services do I offer?

You’ll learn to listen kindly while parts of yourself claim your attention and want a fair hearing after all this time being pushed down. Finally they will feel heard! Uncovering layers of yourself will feel like a relief. Over time you will gain compassion for yourself and develop a deep practice that can help you navigate life.

How do we begin to come to terms with ourselves? How do we do ourselves justice? Focusing isn’t only a practice that can help us cope with the feelings inside – whatever they may be. It can help us direct our lives - and everything we do - from within. We all have a gut sense of the situations we’re living in but it's rare that we tune into that gut sense enough to move from that place.

Focusing is a practice that you can learn and take away with you because we will always find ourselves in new situations that need attention. In those times we need a practice of our own. Focusing is a skill that can be taught so that you can go to it when needed.

Whatever it is you want to get out of a Focusing session, I will aim to be an honest and caring companion and listener and I will do my best to convey this beautiful and profound practice.

Focusing is a skill that can be taught so you can begin to practice some simple aspects immediately in your own life. Once you know Focusing you’ll always be able to do it – alone, with friends, with a Practitioner or most often with a combination of ways of working. I’ll look forward to finding out what you want to get from the sessions. LGBTQI welcome.

One-to-one session price £50 in person, £35 on Zoom. Pre-paid, 5 session online block price - £150. Please contact me regarding concessions.

For group bookings please contact me.

My background in Focusing

I have worked with clients on life issues, including illness, pain, stuckness, anxiety, childhood trauma including abuse, the trauma of immigration detention, grief, decision-making and more. I have worked with people on dreams and developed a practice of using Focusing to make artwork. This has included working one-to-one and in workshops. I have facilitated workshops and one-to-one sessions with environmental groups and was daily involved in community support work and activism for over a decade. As well as my practice of Focusing, I am a qualified secondary school teacher and work in a Steiner school.


Focusing Practitioner
Level 3 counselling
Reiki Practitioner
Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)

How do I practice?

  • In person
  • Online


a) The last sessions I had with you were very powerful and I feel as though I need to trust my focusing process to find more inner space. Daniel Cunningham, Performance Artist. Visiting Lecturer.
b) I found the focusing very powerful and it brought up a lot of stuff for me that I’ve taken into my therapy. Counselling training – Nikki, one-to-one sessions
c) Thank you so much for the sessions we had today and yesterday. I found them very useful, rich and enlightening. As well as tender and sweet. Ania Hardy, Singer/Songwriter, one-to-one sessions
d) “It was very nice to have a space and time to be creative and listen inside myself – and to be guided through it. Also, to share and hear from others. Thank you.” Anon, from a workshop
e) “Really lovely calm space. I felt it was quite calming and inspiring during the drawing session. I feel a lot calmer now than when I arrived. I think the Focusing part was more important to me than the outcome of the drawings. Thank you.” Anon, workshop participant.
f) "Focusing is a wonderful practice that has enabled me to get in touch with and accept a lot of difficult emotions I'd been holding in, and Alex is very skilful and patient in accompanying and gently guiding me on the journey." Kevin, one-to-one sessions

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