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I’m a qualified counsellor and focusing practitioner. I discovered focusing back in 2002, but like many people I couldn’t learn focusing from a book alone. In 2003 I gave birth to my third child, and with family life feeling full-on, focusing lay somewhat dormant for several years. In 2011 I knew I needed something to help me with depression, and focusing was still there, waiting. I attended an introductory weekend run by Peter Gill, fell in love with focusing almost instantly, and gained a certifcate in focusing and listening skills over the course of several weekends that year. (This is a BFA skills course that anyone can do and several focusing teachers offer it). I wish I’d had focusing earlier in my life! After finishing my counselling Diploma in 2015, I went on to train as a focusing practitioner with Kay Hoffmann.

Focusing and focusing-oriented therapy, has changed my life. I was always seeking something to help me, from my early 20s onwards. I felt so unable somehow – I had skills and abilities yet somehow things didn’t work for me, and in ways that I struggled to explain. I had lots of counselling but didn’t know what the problem – with me – was. Without sharing personal details, through focusing I discovered that I had very hidden and radically unknown (dissociated) childhood trauma that had affected me on a comprehensive level. And that there wasn’t anything wrong with me! (Quite the opposite). Focusing gave me access to a core aspect of me that had my best interests at heart and that I could deeply trust to guide my life.

I guess this personal introduction is a way of reaching out to others who might want a focusing companion or counsellor who knows severe trauma from the inside, understands how we can feel utterly stuck, blocked and unable to live as we are, and someone who has experienced deep healing. You can contact me if you’re seeking a counsellor or a focusing accompanier or something in between! You can learn focusing and experiential listening with me 1:1. Perhaps you need to simply experience being fully listened to, with no judgement, so you can make sense of yourself and your life, or bring the un-lived aspects of you into the world. I’m open to talking with you about what would feel right for you. I work online via Zoom, and face to face in London E8 and N16.

What services do I offer?

Focusing 1:1 over Zoom/VSee (like Skype) or in person from my counselling room in Dalston, London E8 or in Stoke Newington N16 (and possibly also in person in Bedfordshire). Ongoing sessions or a single session, or booked as you need.

Focusing-oriented therapy, in person or online.

Helping people learn focusing and listening skills.

Available as a peer mentor/supporter if you want to use focusing to explore some aspect of your work/career/creativity/your forward direction.

Focusing as a spiritual practice.

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