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Amy McCormack


  • Grief
  • Spirituality
  • Focusing Oriented counselling
  • Nature connection


I am an integrative counsellor working in private practice and a focusing practitioner. Learning to focus and developing a regular practice has transformed my relationship with myself. Consequently it is now at the heart of my therapeutic work.

What services do I offer?

I provide a space for people to explore their inner world drawing upon my roots as an integrative counsellor with a background in person-centred bereavement support.

I gently share the wonders of focusing with people if they wish to learn. Above all, it is about creating space for focusing to arise naturally within the session and being gentle with whatever comes.

I am based in a cabin that looks out onto trees. I feel that nature holds and supports the listening and the focusing.

As a counsellor, I was trained in Petruska Clarkson's integrative five relationship model. This way of working is based upon the understanding that there will be different ways of being with each other within a therapeutic relationship. I also draw upon polyvagal skills training to support this inner connection.

Focusing and developing presence is a wonderful way of supporting the nervous system.

My background in Focusing

I initially found out about focusing from a therapist back in 2016 and started out by reading Eugene Gendlin's book and experimenting with it on my own. In 2019, I arranged a session with Kay Hoffman and fell in love with the inner process. It is gentle, creative and full of wonder. It has since become the foundation for so much of my self-care and spiritual practice. I completed my focusing skills in 2020 and went on to do the practitioner training over the next two years. I've worked with a focusing oriented supervisor to help develop focusing into my therapeutic work. I am full of wonder at what lies ahead on my own focusing journey.


BFA Focusing Practitioner
Postgraduate Diploma in Integrative Counselling
Cruse Bereavement Care
Anxiety UK approved
Polyvagal skills training

How do I practice?

  • In person

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