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Astrid Schillings

English Speakers Abroad


Focusing came into my life in 1981, when a student of Person Centred psychology. It resonated deeply with my wondering what it is to be human, why we are here. In that spirit I became a Psychotherapist/Psychologist. I have been been exploring and teaching extensively on the interface of Sensitive Body-Awareness (Mindfulness, Somatic Experiencing, Qi Gong, Authentic Movement, Feldenkrais). It took me years to let my entry into Focusing With Whole Body and Embodied Dialogue carry forward beyond any traditional setting. Encountering Kevin McEvenue all the previous understandings shifted again. I teach - professionals, therapists and everybody interested - in the UK, internationally as well as in my training centre in Cologne. I live in part-time retreat in Scotland. I have been in ongoing conversation with Gene Gendlin on his extended understanding of the living body as dynamic awareness.

What services do I offer?

What I offer:

International Trainings - Focusing With The Whole Body (see events) also for therapists (FOT) and other helping professions

- Focusing With The Whole Body
- Whole Body Focusing oriented Psychotherapy based trainings for psychotherapist and helping professions

Individual sessions -

in person (Scotland)

therapy - (Registered Psychologist, Chamber of Psychotherapy NRW, Germany)

retreats - Scotland and continent of Europe

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