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Barbara McGavin

South West

  • Creativity
  • Inner relationship Focusing


My greatest joy is exploring the frontiers of the Focusing process – what it is and how it can be applied in daily life.

Since 1991, Ann Weiser Cornell and I have been developing Inner Relationship Focusing to help people learn Focusing more easily. Since 1994, we have been exploring Focusing in some of the most difficult areas of life. Treasure Maps to the Soul has grown out of this and is the core of my own Focusing practice.

My other great interest is in how Focusing can be used in the creative arts and I have developed a process called From Spark to Beacon to help people develop and release their creative capacities.

I have been practicing Focusing since 1983. In the ‘80s, I helped found The British Focusing Network and The British Focusing Teachers’ Association. I am a Certifying Coordinator for the Focusing Institute as well as Accrediting Mentor for the British Focusing Teachers’ Association.

I have a background in humanistic psychology, teaching, fine art, and graphic design.

BFA Recognised Focusing Practitioner,Teacher and Mentor. Focusing Institute Trainer and Certifying Coordinator

What services do I offer?

I specialize using Focusing with emotional overwhelm, self-criticism and creativity.

Individual Focusing sessions:
on Zoom and Skype

Workshops and Retreats:
Untangling® with Ann Weiser Cornell - finding richness in the most difficult areas of life
From Spark to Beacon - Owning your creative process and finding what it needs to flourish


BFA Certifying Mentor
TIFI Certifying Coordinator

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