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I've practised Yoga all my adult life, and have taught for 25 years. Finding Focusing was a shift change in my life and complements Yoga practice perfectly. Focusing has integrated itself into my life in a gentle, nurturing way, and I only wish that everyone knew how to Focus for themselves.

What services do I offer?

I love introducing people to Focusing, and I offer one-to-one Focusing sessions, and Focusing Skills workshops in small groups. These can be face-to-face in east Kent, and by phone or Skype.
You don’t need to have learned Focusing before – I will be your guide through the Focusing process. And if you have particular issues you would like to explore through Focusing, I can be your Listener.
I don't specialise in any particular aspect of Focusing as I find that each of us knows deep down what we need, and Focusing is a gentle way to access that knowledge. It is facilitated by the deep listening that Focusing entails, both by the Focuser and the Focusing partner.

My background in Focusing

I learned Focusing Skills, Wholebody Focusing, and how to be a Focusing Practitioner with Kay Hoffmann (BFA Teacher and Mentor).
My secondary mentor was Barbara McGavin.
I continue to attend a variety of workshops as often as I can.
I am an active member of the British Focusing Association, and value highly its ethics and code of conduct.


BFA: Focusing Practitioner
Yoga Teacher: Young Yoga Institute

How do I practice?

  • In person
  • Phone
  • Online

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