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Claire Owen

Stroud GL5 4GA

  • Spirituality
  • Wholebody Focusing
  • Creativity
  • Inner relationship Focusing
  • Nature connection


Celebrating and sharing Focusing, a profound process which has been life changing for me. I love how it gently takes me out of my ruminating into a world of symbol and kindness, where all is allowed to be and where realisation, understanding, relief and next steps can unfold.

What services do I offer?

I offer one to one sessions, in person or online using a variety of methods to suit. I enjoy embowering people to connect with and act from their authentic selves more fully.

I'm particularly interested in supporting
- people who are supporting others - individuals and/or teams
- creatives and change makers
- sacred space and ritual
- explorers

My background in Focusing

I have been practicing Focusing for 15 years. When I first started to Focus, each session would start with tears of relief that someone was taking the time to listen to me and that someone was ME!! It was such an eye opener. I was trying to hold everything together, be my best self but failing. I felt isolated, confused and alone a lot of the time.

The gentle holding, guidance and accompaniment of my Focusing guide meant my being was allowed to be itself, how ever that was. These places had never been heard, felt or seen in this way by anyone or by myself for that matter and it was profound.

I am regularly amazed at the strength and beauty of the energy, images, movements, symbols, sounds that come forward to express the parts of me that want to be heard AND there are often wonderful surprises! I have grown to deeply trust this process that often results in big shifts happening in a small amount of time, sometimes without spoken words being necessary at all. The deep, deep peace that comes during some sessions, when something has been completely heard, felt and integrated feels like a big YES and I have no doubt that change naturally unfolds from here.

I am profoundly grateful for the way Focusing has given me access to my authentic self, helped me untangle inner dynamics and become more resilient, connected and confident in the world and with the people around me.


BFA Focusing Practitioner

My training includes
Focusing Skill Course and Focusing with Dreams workshop with Peter Gill
Wholebody workshops and Focusing Practitioner training with Kay Hoffman
Working with Challenges and Accessing our Body's Creative Wisdom Course with FOAT (Focusing Oriented Art Therapy)
Sound Healing Practitioner Certificate
Meditation and Buddhism practices
Art Foundation Certificate

How do I practice?

  • In person
  • Phone
  • Online


I was drawn to focusing to get more in touch with my body and what is going on for me in any given moment. I tend to be cut off from myself, and lean towards pleasing others, without knowing what it is I want, feel, or how to truly share myself.

Claire holds a very safe space that enables me to dive into what’s going on for me. Focusing with her always brings me deeper into connection with myself. I can sense things in me that I had no idea were there. The way she listens and guides draws me deeper into my own listening, enabling me to be alongside different parts of myself that need my attention and I am now more able to do this for myself during challenging or emotional situations in my life.
Focusing with Claire has changed my life in the way I was hoping for.

(Focusing using artistic expression to explore)
It feels really good to see it all out on paper. I usually want to hold onto the shift that happened in a session to understand better or just feel it. This picture reminds me of the process. I can remember that good feeling of completion and calm and be reminded of the new message, the teaching that came.

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