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Clare Myatt


  • Spirituality
  • Wholebody Focusing
  • Creativity
  • Focusing Oriented counselling


I am a body-oriented psychotherapist and somatic coach, working at depth, weaving focusing in to my professional and personal life.

What services do I offer?

I offer psychotherapy, somatic coaching and therapeutic-coaching, all interwoven with focusing to support the "living forward" energy of which Gendlin speaks. I have many years experience working with clients internationally on zoom, and occasionally meet clients face to face in London.

My best work is with those clients who have a deep interest in personal development, supported by a commitment to the all-important homework between sessions to facilitate rich self-awareness. In addition, I offer secondary mentorship to those in the process of focusing certification.

If you are interested in learning more about how I work, particularly in the domain of trauma and addiction, you may be interested in my first book: "Love and Imperfection: A Therapist's Story." (Available through my website and on Amazon).

My background in Focusing

I began training with Jerry Conway in 2010, and subsequently shifted to Wholebody Focusing with Kay Hoffman, reflecting my interest in the holistic, whole-body approach already foundational to my somatic work. With Kay and Ann Weiser-Cornell for mentors, I completed my Focusing Practitioner training in 2018 and continue to pursue learning and development opportunities. Having studied Gendlin's "Experiencing and the Creation of Meaning" with a colleague, we have now transferred our attention to "A Process Model."


MA in Marriage and Family Therapy (California, 1991)
Licensed as MFT (California, 1995)
Certified as Master Somatic Coach (Strozzi Institute, California 2001)
Focusing Practitioner (UK, 2018)

How do I practice?

  • Phone
  • Online


Testimonials can be found on LinkedIn
and my website

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