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My background is in the arts, retraining in Existential Psychotherapy in 2001. I work now as an Existential Focusing Oriented Psychotherapist, with individuals and groups, as well as in therapy supervision and training.

I became interested in focusing 14 years ago and became excited by the combination of philospohy and humanity which underpins Eugene Gendlin's work, how felt sensing engages our living more fully with greater awareness and connection to others.

I also lecture in academic institutions exploring the relationship between language and the embodiment. Both in London and Stockholm.

I received a Movement and Meaning bursary to explore Gendlin's idea of body in his groundbreaking book A Process Model.

I teach on the Focusing Oriented Therapy Training in London.

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and assistant on SE trainings

What services do I offer?

* Focusing oriented therapy

* Focusing


* Somatic Experiencing

* Coaching

* Mentoring

As well as one to one focusing sessions, I offer a longer one to one process I call Creating a Clearing, where I work applying artistic exploration and a process of clarification of where you are in relationship to what you do. I began developing this work in 2008 and it has proved to be a very fruitful experience for those who have undertaken these sessions. It has developed my own thinking into what it means to engage in and learn from a focusing process. The premise of this workshop suggests the idea of ourselves and what we do as ‘a creative project’, that involves choosing meaningfully, bearing in mind the limitations and constraints we find ourselves in due to necessity and security. A process of waiting and testing out possibilities shares similarities with improvising. This one-to-one workshop (comprised of three sessions) sets out to facilitate understanding of where you are at this point in time rather than where you should or want to be. The sense of what should happen emerges within the context of not solving or fixing but through focusing. Individuals have found this useful particularly in times of transition, or life situations that are over crowded by responsibility.

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