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Gwen Williams

Bristol BS1 4NP

  • Trauma
  • Wholebody Focusing
  • Inner relationship Focusing
  • Bodywork


Focusing offers us a way to meet and be with ourselves in a way that is gentle and compassionate, where everything in our experience is welcomed and every part of us valued.

What services do I offer?

I am a Focusing Practitioner and a Yoga and Movement Therapist. I am also a Women's Health Practitioner.

I love teaching Focusing one-to-one as a stand alone practice and also integrating into the yoga and movement work I share with individuals and groups.

I offer support to people who want to explore their inner world and find new ways to meet themselves and the challenges they are facing.

As a Yoga and Movement Therapist I am focused on mental health, including PTSD and trauma and also women's health.

My background in Focusing

I found Focusing in 2015 and I knew straight away that I had struck gold.

For me Focusing felt like it bridged a gap between meditation and counselling. I did the five Focusing skills weekend workshops with Peter Gill and went on to do the Practitioner training with Peter Gill and Kay Hoffman. I took my time with the Practitioner Training and this allowed my focusing practice to really mingle with both my yoga practice and my dance practice and this changed my approach to movement.

Finding Focusing changed my life, it helped me move forward with issues that had felt stuck and tangled. Practicing Focusing continues to help me meet the challenges that come up, in work, in relationship, in family life. It supports me in get clearer on what I want, what I need, and find ways of living that feel more aligned with the whole of me. I love being able to share this practice with other people and being able to witness the changes it brings for them.


Focusing Practitioner
Yoga Therapist IAYT
Yoga Therapist for PTSD and Trauma
Women's Health Practitioner IPHM
Well Woman Yoga Therapist

In September 2021 I begin a Masters in Dance and Movement Psychotherapy at Roehampton University.

How do I practice?

  • In person
  • Phone
  • Online

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