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Helen Bower

Stroud GL5 3LF

  • Inner relationship Focusing


As a trainer I mainly teach care and supporting worker’s own development in areas such as resilience, self-awareness, managing stress, self-regulation and capacity for personal change. Focusing is the main tacit unpinning for this.

I Focus regularly and it is my main personal practice.

What services do I offer?

'How to Focus' intro session for small groups and one-to-one sessions

Supporting Focusing teachers for bigger groups and events, including Untangling.

Relational Focusing sessions and small groups.

My background in Focusing

I have been Focusing for nearly 20 years and it plays a part in most days, friendships, self-development, meditation practice and my psychological understanding.
It underpins my training work, supporting people in the process of self-awareness and change.


Focusing Practitioner Level

MSc. Psychology

Level 4 Teaching

How do I practice?

  • In person
  • Phone
  • Online

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