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Helen Dillon


  • Spirituality
  • Creativity
  • Inner relationship Focusing


Conscious Career coach, with 20 years experience coaching women through significant career & life transitions. I offer Focusing-oriented coaching and Focusing training. For me Focusing is a superpower for a fully lived life and meaningful work. Click on my photo to find out more...

What services do I offer?

Focusing-oriented career coaching, Focusing training, and guided Focusing sessions. See below for more detail:


As a coach, I specialise in working with women at a career crossroads who want to find themselves and career fulfilment in their 50s and beyond.

I offer career development/change coaching and recognise that the big midlife career crossroads is as much to do with who you are as what you do. Therefore I offer a blend of pragmatic "real world change" coaching techniques with the profound “arising-from-within” self-understanding and aligned actions that emerge from Focusing.

We’re bombarded with other people’s ideas and opinions, outside voices that distract and confuse us. Of course you need advice and mentoring in your career or business, but you also need to be able to connect to your inner compass, find your own direction, and think freshly about your situations.

**Find a free downloadable guide to disarming your inner critic, plus other free resources at my website**


Be True to You - Finding the way to your true self with felt sensing

I also teach Focusing one-to-one as a self-help tool. We use your current career or business dilemma/issue as the framework for learning to access your inner guidance and self-leadership.


Guided Focusing Sessions

Try out Focusing as a one-off session, or spend some guided time exploring a particular issue through a number of sessions.

Much more detail and information is available at

My background in Focusing

Focusing has made a huge difference to my life, both personally and professionally. I first came across Focusing in the mid-1990s when I trained as a therapist, but it wasn't until 2018 that I began to train and practice it in earnest.

For me it is the missing link that enables confidence, clarity, and provides multiple "aha" moments and actual shifts when you are in the midst of change.

It's helped me develop self-belief, get clear on what I want for my practice, and got me out of the very stuck place I was in where I felt confused, direction-less, and disempowered in my work-life.

It was not at all how I’d imagined working for myself would be when I left investment banking to become a therapist! Instead of feeling fulfilled, I felt burnt out and like I was always sabotaging myself.

Focusing has helped me feel solid, grounded, empowered, and deeply resourced as a business owner, as a coach, ...and as a woman of a certain age dealing with all the life changes that come as you get into your 50s.

I've learned that I can rely on my "inner compass" for fresh thinking, and wisdom about my situations. For many years I've read about "the wise woman within". Now I know how to access and invoke her.

Now, through combining coaching and Focusing, I help mature professional women to connect with their own “inner compass”, and design their mission for this new chapter, so they can step into their power and resources.


Diploma in Counselling Using the Person-Centred Approach
Advanced Diploma in Professional Coaching
BFA-recognised Focusing Practitioner

How do I practice?

  • In person
  • Phone
  • Online


“Working with Helen was truly a gift. She has an incredible teaching style that is marked by a collaborative approach. Since working with Helen, I have used my Focusing skills in every area of my life and discovered profound insights and sense of calm. No matter your journey, I cannot recommend Helen enough!”

“I’m not sure that I would have been brave enough to consider such a change, never mind embark on potentially a whole new path, if we had not met and spoken. I am so glad and grateful we did. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with me and for pointing the way. It feels like my life has changed for the better.”

First class coach. Excellent value for money. You have a great understanding of the issues facing women…
...Your support and incisive questions have helped me untangle stuff that’s about my current work and what holds me back there. It’s made me realise just how rarely I let the world see me at my best – and what a waste this is.
You champion me and remind me of how fantastic I can be. You’re far better than Red Bull – the effects are much longer lasting!!”

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