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Focusing-oriented business/career coach, helping stuck, overwhelmed, professional women come home to themselves and feel resourced and resilient so they can step confidently into their next big adventure.

Focusing for me is the missing link between the cognitive, outward-reaching activity of coaching, and the sensing/intuitive “moreness” that lies beneath, catches our imaginations, and fires our soul. Focusing bridges the gap and enables forward movement that is measured and instinctive, rather than driven and mechanical. I am excited by the possibilities a focusing orientation opens up for my clients.

My Mission:
To help women feel at home with both their brilliance and their messy humanity, so they can:

~ fully inhabit their lives
~ express their talents and gifts in a fulfilling and life-affirming way
~ experience calm, clarity and inner poise
~ step into the world from a place of embodied power
~ embrace self-compassion and self-care

What services do I offer?

Inner Resourcing (Focusing-oriented Coaching):

A blend of pragmatic, “mastery-in-the-world” coaching techniques with the profound “arising-from-within” self-understanding and aligned actions that emerge from Focusing...

~ with a focus on life/career: for professional women who need a fresh start but feel stuck, or lost, in the borderlands of mid-life change
~ with a focus on business & marketing: for Focusing-oriented professionals who want to grow their practices

Specifically, in response to the current situation for Spring 2020, I am offering a special introductory package “Find Your Poise” for overwhelmed professionals who want to feel calm, grounded and resourced.

Purely Focusing:

~ Guided Focusing Sessions
~ Focusing Teaching for Individuals
~ Introductory Focusing Workshops

In person & via video-conferencing.

Much more detail & information is available at

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