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Discovering focusing was a revelation and has profoundly changed my life! It has enabled a deep and compassionate connection with my inner world and a peace that comes from feeling fully heard. It is my joy and privilege to now teach and share focusing as a BFA Certified Focusing Practitioner.

What services do I offer?

I offer one-to-one focusing sessions both in person and via zoom and phone.

My background in Focusing

I first encountered focusing through a friend (who is a focusing practitioner) when I noticed that she listened to me in a way that allowed all the various things I was feeling to have a place, for everything to be equally regarded as part of my whole experience, without judgement, opinion or advice. And there was an invitation to include bodily sensations and my ‘felt sense’ of things too, which was entirely new for me but made perfect sense. It was wonderful and such a relief; it was simultaneously enlivening and calming at the same time!

Following a deep sense of rightness, I explored further, eventually completing the practitioner training with Kay Hoffmann. I have also very much benefitted from study with Peter Gill, and enjoy sharing focusing in exchange groups and in everyday living.

As an Alexander Technique teacher, I have found that learning focusing has enriched my teaching by bringing a deeper awareness of how ones inner world affects the bodily patterns of tension we develop; and it has given me the tools and language to communicate to the ‘whole being’ of a pupil. Whilst I offer Alexander Technique lessons and focusing sessions separately, they do naturally inform each other and I find the cross-over an exciting edge to explore within myself.


BFA Focusing Skills Course with Kay Hoffmann
BFA Focusing Practitioner Training with Kay Hoffmann
Alexander Technique teacher training

How do I practice?

  • In person
  • Phone
  • Online


I have had weekly focusing sessions with Julia for about a year now and I am still continually surprised and delighted to be reconnected with so many aspects of myself which have fallen from my awareness over the years. It has been the best practice I’ve found to follow my 'internal wisdom' and to experience myself becoming a more 'whole' human being. I would highly recommend this work to anyone.

For me, Focusing has been very supportive at times of stress; it helps me make decisions and clarify my next steps, and gives me the confidence to listen to my body. It’s like a key to the whole experience of being me, and helps me to figure things out when things feel confusing. Julia is patient, supportive, caring, and creates a safe and open space for me to feel into what is there.

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