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Marie Connors


  • Grief
  • Trauma
  • Meditation
  • Spirituality
  • Wholebody Focusing
  • Creativity
  • Inner relationship Focusing
  • Bodywork


It would be my pleasure to introduce you to the wonders of Focusing.
It has radically transformed my experience of life and is a continuous source of support, healing, connection, nourishment and guidance.

Focusing has given me a doorway into the deeper wisdom of my embodied self.

What services do I offer?

As well as practicing focusing myself I teach focusing to groups and one to one.

If you are curious and interested in connecting with yourself and your body in a deeper way
Send me an email or a message and I would be delighted to share more about this wonderful life enhancing technique.

Focusing is a relationship we develop with a meaningful bodily experience.

I am a Focusing practitioner and Trainer in Training
I offer 1:1 sessions both in person and Online (zoom/Skype) or by phone.
I am currently running a 1 year (5 Modules) Focusing Skills Course called Embodied Relating

I am a Bio-dynamic Craniosacral therapist and I integrate this work with Focusing, they fit together quite beautifully as a whole-body relational field of deep presencing.
I am currently in a 3 year training programme in Relational Wholebody Focusing oriented therapy with Karen Whalen and Roberto Larios

My background in Focusing

I was first introduced to Focusing in 2016 during my Bio-Dynamic Craniosacral training. My first session gave me a taste of complete permission to be me in the safe company of my listener and since then I have kept coming back for more. I went on to do a Focusing Skills course with Kay Hoffman which profoundly changed my way of being with myself and others. In 2018 I began Focusing Practitioner training again with Kay Hoffman which I completed in 2019.
I feel very strongly drawn to sharing Focusing with other people, in pointing them in this direction of coming into relationship with themselves in this way. I feel there is so much healing and growth and ease of being from this path and my heart opens with joy to share this incredible tool with others. I offer a really supportive compassionate spacious listening field in which the Focusers' inner process feels really safe and seen and welcome to be in. I feel this space that I hold is constantly being
refined and with each new person and with each new session a different flavour is required and I am listening and following the flow of the session through my own body and the feeling of the interactional space between us. I get such a sense of satisfaction and reward from this work and I feel so humbled and blessed each time I work with someone.


Focusing Practitioner with Kay Hoffman BFA
Bio-Dynamic Craniosacral Therapist with Body Intelligence
Holistic Massage Therapist with I.T.E.C.
B.Ed Home Economics and Economics with Trinity College Dublin.

How do I practice?

  • In person
  • Phone
  • Online


I really enjoyed our focusing session. I felt safe and guided by you which  facilitated real time to truly connect within myself. It was empowering to search and find out how I was feeling at that time. I felt a great sense self care, nurturing and happiness afterwards. Thank You

During the sessions I felt deeply heard, from a non judgmental approach. There were no expectations on what should come out. This was very liberating. I could just be me at my own pace. This sessions helped me to accept more myself and to feel more grounded in who I am.
Thanks Marie for your help and support!

Creating a safe space to take stock

I found your sessions really helpful and uplifting! It’s so true - to be heard is a game changer. Not least of all, by ourselves

I feel that the experience is very much influenced by the person offering the focusing session.  I always felt that you were a very open, non-judgmental and interested facilitator , and fully present with me in focusing. Asking clarifying questions about what I said and so bringing more clarity to the thoughts and feelings.  A cleansing process, decluttering, bringing lightness and more freedom of mind. Thank you.

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