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Marie Connors

Doncaster 3108

  • Grief
  • Trauma
  • Meditation
  • Spirituality
  • Wholebody Focusing
  • Creativity
  • Inner relationship Focusing
  • Bodywork


Marie is a caring, Intuitive and experienced Therapist and Teacher.

Her work is deep, yet gentle and nurturing.

What services do I offer?

One to One sessions: A safe and welcoming space to guide you through Focusing on a particular issue

Monthly Focusing Circles: Gather with other Focusers to practice Focusing with a different Focusing oriented theme each month.

Introduction to Focusing courses: 4 week online course to introduce you to the foundations of Focusing.

60 hour Focusing Skills Course certified through the BFA.

If you are curious and interested in connecting with yourself and your body in a deeper way
Send me an email or a message and I would be delighted to share more about this wonderful life enhancing technique.

Focusing is a relationship we develop with a meaningful bodily experience.

My background in Focusing

Marie has spent many years exploring the language of touch and felt sense, the life that we are experiencing below our level of thinking. When we find the doorway into this inner landscape of experiencing, true change can happen. Marie is skilled at providing a non judgmental presence and listening deeply to the underlying experience of whatever is presenting. She has a deep connection and trust in the intelligence of the body wisdom which is always seeking more health and carrying us forward.

Marie is sensitive and empathetic with an ability to promote deep healing. She brings presence and connection to places that are stuck, numb or overcharged so that they can return to ease and flow.

Marie is a supportive, compassionate and knowledgeable teacher who embodies Whole-body Focusing in her approach to teaching. She creates an atmosphere of spacious welcome where you feel held and heard and invited into the space with kindness.


Focusing Practitioner with Kay Hoffman BFA
Focusing Teacher with Kay Hoffman BFA
Relational Wholebody Focusing oriented therapist in training with Karen Whalen
Bio-Dynamic Craniosacral Therapist with Body Intelligence
Holistic Massage Therapist with I.T.E.C.
B.Ed Home Economics and Economics with Trinity College Dublin.

How do I practice?

  • In person
  • Phone
  • Online


Marie is an incredible teacher and person. Truly one of a kind. A really beautiful gentle energy. I would say she totally embodies whole body focusing in her actual teaching style. This comes across in all of her teaching sessions.
She is very encouraging, supportive, compassionate, passionate and knowledgeable about focusing.
I absolutely love Marie’s attunements and settling in meditations that she does as part of the course. I still listen to them now after the course has finished. I find the attunements work as daily meditations and support self-focusing to continue beyond the course.

During the sessions I felt deeply heard, from a non judgmental approach. There were no expectations on what should come out. This was very liberating. I could just be me at my own pace. This sessions helped me to accept more myself and to feel more grounded in who I am.
Thanks Marie for your help and support!

Creating a safe space to take stock

I found your sessions really helpful and uplifting! It’s so true - to be heard is a game changer. Not least of all, by ourselves

I feel that the experience is very much influenced by the person offering the focusing session.  I always felt that you were a very open, non-judgmental and interested facilitator , and fully present with me in focusing. Asking clarifying questions about what I said and so bringing more clarity to the thoughts and feelings.  A cleansing process, decluttering, bringing lightness and more freedom of mind. Thank you.

I learned to slow down while tuning in to my body without the story attached and to really feel into the physical feelings. So lovely to acknowledge the larger intelligence at work.

I began this Forcusing journey one year ago. It really felt like a special and sacred space was created. The pace , holding and progression felt easy and very supportive. Marie helped me feel safe and at ease to explore the focusing process within my own body from an embodied presence. Learning how to be myself whilst also being in partnership with an other in the wider world and environment was an invaluable tool and something which I still draw on today. Tuning into inner body wisdom to navigate emotions, thoughts and feelings whilst also learning that no matter what life is always showing us the next step and leading us forward once we are able to be present to the process. I have had the pleasure of focusing with some very special people on this course and is something I will carry within my heart forever. Thanks very much Marie for your very special energy that allowed for this to happen. Anita

I really enjoyed our focusing session. I felt safe and guided by you which  facilitated real time to truly connect within myself. It was empowering to search and find out how I was feeling at that time. I felt a great sense self care, nurturing and happiness afterwards. Thank You

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