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Marion Stumpe


  • Grief
  • Trauma
  • Spirituality
  • Wholebody Focusing
  • Inner relationship Focusing
  • Nature connection


Focusing has beautifully enriched my life. I see every moment as an opportunity to engage and connect with life in its fullest and have a heartfelt wish to bring this wonderful gift to others. I am here for you for when you are ready to connect to your body’s innate knowing, aliveness and wholeness.

What services do I offer?

I offer 1:1 teaching and/or guided Focusing sessions in person in Edinburgh or online via Zoom/Skype.

As I see Focusing as relational process work, I do not offer ad hoc, stand-alone sessions. To support the establishment of relationship to yourself and me as your guide and the unfolding of the Focusing process, I invite you to commit to a series of three sessions.

I trained with many inspiring teachers in different approaches and found my ‘home’ in Kevin McEvenue’s Wholebody Focusing. My approach to teaching Focusing, however, is more fluid and has influences from Inner Relationship Focusing, Gendlin’s original teachings, Wholebody Focusing and my work as a Focusing-oriented Coach.

At the heart of both, my Focusing and my Coaching work, lies an emphasis of creating an empathic space for you, where you can safely bring your whole self and become an alchemist for your own healing and transformation.

My background in Focusing

For many years I had been living life in a dysfunctional and compromised way. As I understand now I had been running away from all the pain and hurt that was there for me from early childhood. Something I did not want to know about and certainly not feel. It did not feel safe to go anywhere near it.

When my health started being compromised to an extent which I could no longer ignore, I had to start looking for a different way of relating to myself and being in the world. My journey to greater wholeness and aliveness soon led me to Focusing. Right from the moment I was introduced to Focusing I knew that I had found a gem. I fondly remember my first experience of it. All my life I had struggled to feel connected, alive and present and there for the first time in my life I felt wonderfully connected to myself, others and life in general.

However, my journey with Focusing has not been an easy one. Whilst others were experiencing beautifully unfolding Focusing processes and ‘refined’ felt senses, nothing of such subtlety showed up in my experience. Focusing for me, in the early years, was about becoming more grounded, remaining present amid what at times felt like an inner battlefield and keeping myself safe. I was returning repeatedly from either self-identification or dissociation to being kindly in relationship with what was here in my experience. And then, slowly but surely, these deeply wounded parts of me started to respond to the loving, accepting presence they received and come home.

My journey with Focusing has taken me from Ann Weiser Cornell’s ‘Inner-relationship Focusing’ and Gene Gendlin’s original teachings to Kevin McEvenue’s Wholebody Focusing. It has enabled me to let go of a lifetime of fear, rigidity, numbness and ill-health and access inner states of being - aliveness, ease and peace - I never dreamt possible or even knew existed.

As a natural continuation to my personal practice of Focusing I trained to bring Focusing to others. And more recently I have found my place with it by bringing it into what I call Focusing-oriented Coaching.


• Focusing Practitioner (BFA certified)
• Trauma-informed Wellbeing Coaching (ILM accredited)

How do I practice?

  • In person
  • Phone
  • Online

Supporting mentor

As your supporting mentor I am here to support you through your training alongside your training mentor. The support I offer is completely tailored to what you most need to develop your unique way of teaching and inspire you along the way to find your voice with it all.

  • I offer a free 15-minute chat to support trainees in finding their Supporting Mentor

Prices: My standard rate is £60 an hour, but I am flexible depending on your budget.

My availability: Available


"My journey with Marion began after my psychotherapist had suggested that I look into Focusing. To this point, I felt I had analysed myself to the enth degree but still felt there were parts of myself that I just couldn't access.

Marion was incredibly skilled at teaching and guiding me on a path to unravel these 'stuck', 'unknown' and (now I realise) 'unacknowledged' aspects to my being. She is a very kind, sensitive and gentle person but extremely astute at keeping you on track. I felt very confident and safe at all times.

My experience was that Focusing is a gentle but extremely effective approach and helps you listen to your body rather than the overactive mind. Like many approaches, it takes time and is something to cultivate but it left me feeling I had grown a bit more into myself. I highly recommend Marion as a Focusing Practitioner. I simply don't think I could have found a better professional."

"Focusing has completely transformed my life.

I had developed severe chronic pain, which led to me also struggling with my mental health. My hope was that Focusing would enable me to live better with my pain, it’s certainly done that!

With Focusing I learnt to live comfortably with my pain and the sensations in my own body, so that the pain no longer dominates my life or even detracts from it. It has helped me to move closer to recovery and regain activities which I lost because of the pain. Focusing has enabled me to approach life differently. To be more present, and to listen more attentively and compassionately. As a result, I feel more connected with the things that are most important to me in life. Focusing has helped me to be more myself and to live the most meaningful life that I can.

Marion has been an amazing teacher providing a reassuring and supportive presence when I needed it. She has a gentle and intuitive style of teaching which I found easy to relate to. Marion supported my journey with focusing with an approach which was tailored to me and was exactly what I needed. She has a wonderful way of inspiring confidence, which has helped me feel comfortable with taking forwards Focusing beyond the sessions."

“Many thanks, Marion, for helping and guiding the unfolding personal journey of awareness I experienced during our focussing sessions. It was such an enriching, creative transformation which helped release me from the depressive state I had been feeling at that time. I do find focussing to be so liberating and will be in touch if in need again of your lovely gentle guiding presence.”

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