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Matt Farren


  • Grief
  • Trauma
  • Meditation
  • Spirituality
  • Creativity
  • Dreams
  • Bodywork


Hi, I'm Matthew! Focusing for me is a Somatic Dialogue of Prayer, Meditation and Self-Inquiry where the poetic, embodied language of the Soul and the Unconscious emerges to be seen, heard, and honored.

What services do I offer?

I offer one to one sessions, courses in the Basics of Focusing, focusing workshops and a recovery specific (from addictive, stuck behavioral patterns) Somatic 12 Step course.
I’ve co-developed Somaful -
Somaful is a vital resource for all somatic practitioners both experienced & beginners alike. A highly practical compendium of accessible & powerful tools for connecting us to the joy & freedom of who we really are, revealing within us the body’s inherent wisdom, guiding us in offering specific and practical guidelines for our everyday life.
These practices include
Somatic Self-Inquiry
Somatic Inner Alchemy
Somatic Dream Interpretation
5 Element Energy Harmonising
Spontaneous Tai Chi
I offer mentoring in meditation and how Focusing can work with this and Individuation
Focusing and Ayahuasca
Focusing with Vibroacoustic Ombed Sound Healing

Focusing, for me, is a transferable practice leading to agency of being, of accessing our inner guru, passing on this deeply mystical practice seems important.
I had a spell as a Zen Teacher in a Rinzai lineage for a while which seems to have been helpful in identifying where meditation can provide a hidey hole for spiritual bypassing, so can help with mentoring around this.
I did a foundation in Jungian Depth Psychology with the SAP and appreciate the self inquiry and mystical practices he engaged in, though saw that what was taught there had moved towards analysis. Focusing can be engaged with through dream journalling and and inquiring into symbols which arise in sessions or life. It gives our own unique knowing of their meaning, which can lead to integration of the Shadow parts which can be hidden or exiled. Being a companion to others along this path seems helpful to others and self.
Dream interpretation has helped me personally in this way and find an aliveness in offering this as a service.
I had a gallery in Cornwall and painted in a naiive way, also had practice of Shodo calligraphy which both engaged the felt sense. I hold sessions and retreats where we explore the arising creativity and what it might mean through art.
Spontaneous movement was part of the Zen tradition of forest practice and I've found focusing to reveal further layers in helping embody integrations and releasing energy, so I offer sessions, workshops and retreats which include Yoga, Qi Qong, and Spontaneous movement.
I offer immersive, dyad based Self-Inquiry retreats known as Enlightenment Intensives which are to engender Awakening, focusing has become part in these and the integration, post awakening programs after.

My background in Focusing

I found focusing in a Basics of Focusing course with Suzi Mackenzie in 2017. Focusing doesn't allow spiritual bypassing, and after 25 years of Zen meditation, focusing came as a breath of fresh air.
In 2019-2020 I trained and qualified as a BFA Certified Practitioner with Kay Hoffman, allowing me to teach focusing to individuals. This deepening in practice and the engagement with dreams lead me to stepping back from being a Zen Teacher.
At the same time I twice took the Recovery Focusing facilitator course with Suzanne Noel.
I'm currently in training with Peter Gill as a Focusing Trainer to teach Focusing to groups.


BFA Certified Focusing Practitioner
Enlightenment Master
Zen Mindfulness for health and wellness
Zen for Insight development
Zen Yoga Teacher
Rinzai Zen teacher (stepped back from this)

How do I practice?

  • In person
  • Online

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