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Peter Afford


  • Creativity


I'm something of an old timer with Focusing - I've been immersed in it for most of my adult life. It's a reflective practice that finds its way into most things I do. I've also been studying neuroscience for a long time - Focusing helps in understanding how our brains and bodies work.

What services do I offer?

Having run a regular programme of workshops in Focusing and listening in London for over 30 years, I'm on the move to Devon and am now teaching this stuff to groups when invited to do so (by someone else who does the organising!). I'm particularly interested in facilitating groups in working with the felt sense around climate change issues.

I see people for one to one Focusing sessions online - for support, mentoring, and applying Focusing in practical ways such as creative work and making decisions.

I also teach seminars in neuroscience and am the author of 'Therapy in the Age of Neuroscience' (Routledge 2020).

My background in Focusing

I discovered Focusing in the 1980s while wondering what my life was really about. It helped me to find my feelings and allow them to move, and to discover that empathy came naturally. I began teaching it to small groups and, with Rob Foxcroft and Barbara McGavin, set up the British Focusing Network which eventually led to the British Focusing Association. I've practiced Focusing for myself in a series of partnerships all this time, brought it into my 30 years of practicing as a therapist, and taught a vast number of small group workshops.


Focusing Trainer and Coordinator with the International Focusing Institute (TIFI)
Focusing Practitioner, Teacher and Mentor with BFA
UKCP registered psychotherapist 1996 to 2024
MA Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy

How do I practice?

  • Online

Supporting mentor

I'm happy to support people wanting to become practitioners and teachers - I have many years' experience of this work

  • I offer a free 15-minute chat to support trainees in finding their Supporting Mentor

Prices: £60 per one hour session

My availability: Please ask me

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