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Renee La Roi

London SW12 0NY

  • Focusing Oriented counselling
  • Inner relationship Focusing


I am a long time Focuser - raised in Canada and the U.S. - living in London Uk. I did my Focusing certification guided by Dr. Greg Madison.

What services do I offer?

I run a small Focusing practice - offering focusing sessions primarily one on one. These sessions are mostly offered to those with some Focusing experience, but sometimes I teach Focusing to newcomers. I offer mentoring for those training to become Certified Focusing Professionals.

My background in Focusing

I was introduced to Focusing in the early 1990's - and have attended workshops and conferences world wide. I have had Focusing partners since the late 1990's. I have done two major trainings - one in Vancouver Canada with Celia Costo and then became certified under the guidance of the late sherry macdonald, as well as Dr Greg Madison. I did a Focusing Oriented Therapy Training with Specialization in Trauma with Jeffrey Morrison recently - which has informed my Focusing practice.


I am a certified Focusing Professional through the International Focusing Insititute.
I completed the FOTCT - Focusing Oriented Therapy Complex Trauma training with Jeffrey Morrison in 2020.
I have experience as a mentor - for those seeking to become a Certified Focusing Professional.

How do I practice?

  • In person
  • Phone
  • Online

Supporting mentor

I am there to support and assist in grounding the practice of the student.

  • I offer a free 15-minute chat to support trainees in finding their Supporting Mentor

Prices: Up to discussion - it depends on the training.

My availability: I am available now.


“I love Renee but then who doesn’t! She is my Focusing partner and favorite listener. I trust her with who I am as she holds the space for me to say more.”

“Every time I Focus with Renee, I experience what I call ‘a miracle’. Renee is able to lead me deeply into my inner world by listening very well, being highly empathetic and choosing her words so carefully. She feels very close, is non-judgmental and respectful. This makes me feel totally safe in the process. I can really sense that shifts and changes, which can be very subtle, come from deep inside. Unknown or suppressed parts in me come alive and start to evolve at their own pace, thanks to Renee holding the space. After the sessions the process keeps going on and I learned how to support this on my own. This gives me a lot of trust!”

“The outcome is that I feel more independent from others or from situations to be in a certain way. Emotions do not overwhelm me easily anymore. I feel a deeper connection with myself and as a consequence I am more creative and inspired. I also experience more options in daily life. That’s what freedom feels like to me!”

~ European client

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