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Ruth Friedman


  • Trauma
  • Spirituality
  • Wholebody Focusing
  • Focusing Oriented counselling
  • Inner relationship Focusing
  • NVC


I help my clients overcome self-doubt, value themselves more and increase their confidence so that they can bring more value to their projects
I have been focusing since 2014 and trained in Inner Relational Focusing and Relational Whole Body Focusing

What services do I offer?

I work one-to-one coaching and focusing sessions with clients via Zoom and in person in Edinburgh

I train other coaches to become more embodied and present in their coaching practice.
I draw on my own experience as:
➤Certified Focusing Guide and Trainer
➤Circling practitioner.
➤NARM Informed Practitioner (Neuro Affective Relational Model)

Being trained in any one of these embodiment practices is rare amongst coaches, having all three is rarer still!.

Drawing on these skills, I train other coaches so that they can offer a deeper level of work with their clients.

Focusing, together with these other approaches help to connect with a deeper level awareness than is usually possible through coaching. All these approaches connect in some way to the felt sense. That often-fuzzy feeling which is hard to describe because everyone has their own unique way of experiencing it! It is usually some combination of emotions, physical sensations, new awareness, and intuition. Often it holds information or wants to communicate something of importance. As such having access to it in coaching is invaluable.

➤Focusing helps you to gain skills at accessing and following the felt sense.
➤NARM draws on the felt sense to notice subtle changes happening for the client, in relationship to their issue or challenge.
➤Drawing on circling provides a safe structure to communicate your observations .

My work brings all three approaches together in a unique way that amplifies the benefit of each method.

The training I provide to other coaches helps them to have a more embodied presence and be less stressed. It also helps to deepen their relationship with the client and to serve them better,

My background in Focusing

I came to focusing first and foremost for myself. My work with focusing has helped me to transform key relationships with members of my family of origin, it gives me more distance on challenging situations and helps me to stay present and grounded whereas before I was easily stressed. This sense of calm, wholeness and ease is what I hope to share with my clients.

I studied Inner Relationship Focusing with Anne Weiser Cornell and then I discovered Relational Whole Body Focusing and I am a Certified Focusing Trainer and Guide with the Focusing Institute of New York
I have been working with private focusing clients since 2016


Master Executive Coach
Certified Whole Body Focusing Trainer and Guide from the Focusing Institute
NARM Informed Professional
Professional Certified Coach

How do I practice?

  • In person
  • Online


The training helped me realise how little I was in touch with my body before and how important it is. I had ignored all signs that my body was giving me even to the point of reaching burnout . Ruth clearly explained and supported me in the exploration to become more present and to help

I came to Ruth at a very challenging period in my life. I felt lost and confused and Ruth provided me with the support and guidance I needed. She helped me become aware of the mind-body connection and understand that I already have all the answers I am looking for, I just need to learn to listen to my own body and mind. With each session with Ruth, I learn more about myself and I come one step closer to achieving my goals. She has been an amazing support every step of the way.

Ruth Friedman’s work has assisted enormously in helping me feel more safe and confident in the world. I am now much more capable of handling situations without becoming overwhelmed. She is a caring and compassionate healer and I highly recommend working with her’ Wendalyn, composer, soundhealer, writer.

‘The process felt very, very complete. This gave stability and grounding the days after which really contributed to my well-being. The last few weeks haven’t been very easy: there was a lot of pressure and stress I was dealing with and that needed to settle down. Last Tuesday’s session (and especially the sense of being able to welcome all the aspects of my being) contributed to this.

‘I can only express my gratitude. It was so much more, so much deeper than I could have foreseen. I still feel the effects of the session as I’m writing this and I will recall this session for a long time. With all due respect to my psychologist and psychiatrist, but I have become aware of issues that I didn’t see after 2 years of therapy. Thank you so much!

Thanks to the space you gave me to blossom in such a healing way’

(After my session,) on my drive home, I seemed to be calm, relaxed, more aware of people’s faces on the street,and their body language. I felt a bit recharged, as if I could do a few things I had been postponing

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