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Simon McKibbin

Cambridge CB1 2AD

  • Grief
  • Trauma
  • Meditation
  • Spirituality
  • Wholebody Focusing
  • Creativity
  • Inner relationship Focusing
  • Bodywork
  • NVC


I met Gene Gendlin, the founder of Focusing in 2008 when I visited the Garrison Institute in Garrison, New York. I was moved by his quality of utter humility and ordinariness, endearing me to want to embrace this precious approach. Through it I have come to appreciate the extraordinary depth of visi

What services do I offer?

I offer One to One Focusing Coaching to learn/enhance Focusing

I offer One to One Focusing Resourcing for challenging times

Focusing Training for groups and Community development

Focusing and Nonviolent Communication NVC / Mindfulness to enhance and deepen Presence in all disciplines.

A large part of my work involves Focusing based Mindfulness at Cambridge University where I work as a Mindfulness teacher.


Practitioner with BFA
Teacher with BFA
Mindfulness Associate Cambridge University
Breathworks Mindfulness Based Pain Management (MBPM) Certified
Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP) certified dot-b trainer
CNVC certified Nonviolent Communication Trainer

How do I practice?

  • In person
  • Phone
  • Online


‘I have found Focusing with Simon to be a deeply rewarding path to connecting with my emotional life. So many issues that were never allowed to be, just held inside me in a state of stuckness. Focusing has allowed me to release them and has brought lightness and joy to my being’

Simon's broad learning and practice of NVC and Mindfulness based therapy and his practice and experience in Focusing has facilitated a heartfelt encounter with deep listening. The three modules so far deepened my understanding and appreciation of the power of focusing. Our twice weekly sessions have facilitated a deep communal sharing which has allowed us to connect to our hearts and the felt sense of presence and deep listening.

‘I have found the Online Focusing Foundation course with Simon highly transformational and supportive on my own personal enquiry path. Focusing has a profound simplicity that has inspired me to continue on this journey in my life , noticing myself and others with new eyes at every moment. Sinhaketu’s guidance and accompaniment is exquisite, bringing spontenaity and vulnerability in the teachings has made this course unique for me, it resonates with a way of life I am heading as I keep remembering the way home.’

The only way that I can make the word for the journey is to imagine it's like the wardrobe in the lion, witch and wardrobe. Or a pin hole camera! Focusing has been and continues to be almost as important to me as sleep - very important! This course with Simon was the biggest gift and I'll always be grateful to him for helping me establish a focusing practice.

‘I’ve developed a capacity through working with Simon to come into presence by myself, to hold myself more, to listen more deeply, to allow a little more fully, to become overwhelmed less often.
I’ve seen how he uses focusing to connect with nature and animals, as well as himself… and this is sneaking its way into my life too.’

‘I have been doing this training over 3 modules now and it is wonderful, and absolute gem of a course and Trainer. Highly, highly recommended’!!!

My experience with the online focusing course has been of extremely important to me. I didn't know what Focusing was - I had only done one group session with Simon during a day of different workshops and I was struck by it, to the point where I didn't have to think twice when I had the opportunity to embark on this beautiful journey.

I’m very grateful to Simon for all his inputs - I see them as seeds that he’s passionately and lovingly sowed throughout this journey, both in our personal lives and within the space we shared over the past months, inviting a honest and safe sharing and lots of support on the way. I often struggled with noticing the body sensations and holding them more, and Simon has offered me different paths to come to term with it more.

Mondays are a delicious treat I notice how I feel happier having been provided the space and inclusion for which I believe to explore and learn more about my inner world.
I am learning the art of pausing and sensing its all parts in me which have not
been given acknowledgement or even noticed with any understanding before they can be welcomed and respected for greater connection with myself.
I love the safety and trust I receive from our connection it really brings sensitivity and recognition to be seen. I also love the freedom and the chance to be nourished and supported without judging me.
I am only just awaking through this support so thank you very much for making possible all the above I am truly grateful you are in my life on Mondays.

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