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Suzi Mackenzie



I rediscovered Focusing in 2008 when I was training as a counsellor: Something in me knew that I needed it! I found that while I knew I needed to empathise with and accept myself, I didn’t always manage it and Focusing showed me how to do this. Focusing has been such a huge gift in my process of personal development that I love sharing it with others to see how it can help them. Focusing helped me to connect with my body and helped me to become more whole by connecting with different parts of me, including liberating parts that had been oppressed.

I love to teach Focusing as an approach to both self care and self discovery. In my counselling work, drawing on the Focusing approach can deepen the therapeutic process with my clients and help them be in touch with their potential. I feel privileged to assist people to relate to their inner experience: I trust that there is usually something more to our experience than what is immediately known, if we are patient and open enough to recognise it. I see the beauty of the uniqueness that appears when a person can let their experience be, just as it is.

What services do I offer?

I am a Person Centred counsellor and draw on Focusing in my work with clients, dependent on their individual needs. I also offer guided Focusing sessions and teach Focusing to individuals and groups. I work from Brighton and Burgess Hill.

If you’re looking for counselling that has an emphasis on our bodily felt experience or the link between emotion and the body then my approach may fit with you. Focusing can also bring a framework we can draw on for exploring your experience and how you relate to yourself, as well as the opportunity to take away some practical strategies that help to deal with overwhelming feelings.

Guided Focusing sessions can help you explore a particular issue, problem or decision. These sessions can also be used as a way of exploring your dreams and what they may be telling you. I can also offer sessions to help you to learn Focusing so that you can guide yourself through the Focusing process and/or start a Focusing/Listening partnership with another Focuser.


Skills Certificate in Focusing (Peter Afford 2009)
Focusing Practitioner Programme (Peter Afford 2015)
Focusing Teacher Certification (Kay Hoffman 2018)

Degree in Philosophy with Applied Psychology (2001)
Higher Professional Diploma in Counselling (LC&CTA 2009)
Diploma in Therapeutic Supervision (CCPT 2019)

How do I practice?

  • In person
  • Online

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