Partners and groups

Focusing partners and groups
For most people, having a Focusing partnership is a supportive and nourishing way of connecting to oneself and others. The continuity of a partnership offers a safe space to explore and deepen Focusing. As well as this, many people find community and a place to practice within a Focusing group (or "Changes" group as they were called originally) Find out more below.

Ready to find a Focusing partner?

More about partnerships
You can practice together in person, on video conferencing platforms or over the phone. Take equal time each for Focusing while the other person listens. Most courses offered by our teachers will give you the basic skills to form a partnership or you could learn through one to one sessions with a practitioner.

Read our guide to partnerships

Many people find a partner through a workshop or find a friend to partner with and you can find someone though the BFA partnership area

Focusing groups

These regular gathering are places where Focusers meet and practice Focusing. They usually meet monthly or more regularly. Some are open to all levels and some are open to those who know the basics. Search through the groups below to see if there is one near you.

If you don’t live near other Focusers, you could start one yourself. (Read our guide here for how to start your own group)

Brighton Focusing circle
The Brighton and Sussex Focusing Circle meets roughly monthly in members’ homes. The group is an opportunity to meet with likeminded people to share Focusing and Listening turns and for wider discussions of our practice of Focusing. In order to join the Circle, email Anna  or Suzi . Just let us know about your Focusing experience, as you need to have done some Focusing already in order to join the Circle.

The Circle was set up by Ildiko Davis, a Focusing Practitioner now based in Hungary but who works internationally. Ildiko still moderates our Facebook page. The Circle is now organised by Anna Kane, an Occupational Psychologist and Focusing Coach and Suzi Mackenzie, a Counsellor and Focusing Teacher.

We have a Facebook page Brighton and Sussex Focusing circle which aims to support connecting people, who are interested in using Focusing for their personal development in Brighton, Hove and surrounding Sussex. Let us know your interest in practicing Focusing by liking this page, which will also allow you to keep up to date with local focusing developments / news via our posts. Feel free to use this page also as a noticeboard, if you have any focusing related questions or you are interested in finding one to one Focusing partners locally. Anyone can browse this page without signing up to Facebook, but you have to log-in to Facebook in order to add any comments to postings.

Bristol Insight Meditation Focusing Group
Meets monthly, usually on the second Sunday of the month from 10am till 1pm, at a clinic venue on Gloucester Road.
The group is open to anyone interested in Focusing and no previous Focusing experience is necessary to attend. Small group introduction and support is given to those new to Focusing.
Contact Gordon Adam for further information:   See for full details of all BIM activities.

Fife Focusing Circle
This group meets in Newport, Fife about four or five times per year from 10am to 4pm on either a Saturday or a Sunday.There is a bring and share lunch. Anyone who has some Focusing
training is welcome. Last year there was a residential weekend near
Inverness, and another is planned for April 2006.

Contact Carol Ervine, 01382 543188.

Focusing North changes group

London Focusing Circle
The aim of the London Focusing Circle is to build a community
of focusers in the London area, helping them to link up and to practice
Focusing together. The Circle provides the following:

an updated list of current members twice a year
an updated list of events and focusing groups twice a year
Membership is open to anyone who has completed at least an
introductory workshop in Focusing & listening. There is a
joining fee of £5. there are no renewal fees.

Contact Peter Afford: 020 8673 1860,

Manchester Focusing Practice group
Manchester Focusing Practice Group
This practice group meets in Manchester for a morning once a month from 10.30am to 1pm usually on a Sunday. Email Wendy  for more information

Shropshire Changes Group
Contact Jenny Brickett: 01588 680663.

South West Focusing Groups
The Dartmoor Focusing Centre practice group meets monthly on a Saturday morning. Come for a cup of tea at 9:45, and we start at 10:00 am for explorations into Focusing. Bring what is alive for you with your Focusing practices, and we discuss or experiment in the small group. We have Focusing partners at 11:00 am, and come back to the whole group at about 12:50 pm, finishing by 1:00 pm. There is a small charge of £8.

You are welcome to come if you have reached Level 2 Focusing proficiency. Please give Fiona Parr a call, to find out the date and say if you are coming, on 01626 821110. And please contact Fiona if you wish to learn Focusing, or refresh and update what you already know.

Stroud Focusing Circle
Monthly Focusing practice group based in Stroud, Gloucestershire. Email Peter Gill at for more information.

West Midlands Focusing Circle
Meets from 1 pm – 5 pm in Solihull. The circle is for people who have attended at least 2 days or equivalent of Focusing Training. We will do some sharing and then break into pairs to do some Focusing – finishing with some discussion. Contact for details.