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4 Week Introduction To Focusing Course

11th January 2022 - 1st February 2022 Zoom Online Worldwide

Introductory online



Some Benefits of Doing the course

  • Learn how to ‘be with’ another person in a way that allows their process to open and move forward.
  • Learn how to ‘be with’ yourself in ways that generate self-compassion and understanding.
  • Develop tools that build resilience and empowerment to deal with life’s challenges.
  • Experience the innate wisdom of our bodily felt experience; the Felt-Sense.
  • Be part of an embodied empathic, sensitive warm group of kind human beings who can listen deeply to one another and inside themselves.


Week 1

What the Focuser and Companion each do in a typical Focusing Session

We will introduce the basic principles of a Focusing Partnership; we establish a ground of relational safety and co-presencing from which the Focusing process can unfold.

Week 2

Describing what’s there

We will explore the important step of describing our felt experience in detail and discover how this moves us forward.

Week 3

The inner Relationship

We will learn some powerful and resourcing tools to develop our experience of a larger self that can ‘be with’ a struggling place inside.

Week 4

Felt Sensing

We will explore with curiosity this very natural ability we all have in which our bodies can express the whole of something in our experience.


There will be notes to accompany this course and each week there will be experiential exercises as well as Focusing partnerships to deepen into the practice.


Dates and Time

The course will run on Tuesday mornings

At 10 to 12PM  GMT


Jan 11th

Jan 18th

Jan 25th

Feb 1st



The early bird price is €100 until Dec 20th


Regular price is €120


Warm Thanks for your interest and it would be wonderful to have you on this course.

For more information or to book your place contact Marie

or @feelingyourhealth

Booking link (offsite)

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