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Between You and Me. Social Oriented Focusing workshop

7th September 2024 - 8th September 2024 Study Society, London. Baron’s Court tube station

Specialist Workshop/Event

BETWEEN YOU AND ME. From intrapersonal to interpersonal with Social Oriented Focusing (SOF)

With Yehudit First, Founder of SOF


Venue: The Study Society ,151 Talgarth Rd, London W14 9DA

(next to Baron’s Court tube station)

Sponsored by The London Focusing Institute

Limited number of tickets available for reduced fee for the next month only! £199. We have a beautiful spacious venue but will keep numbers relatively small so each person can get the most out of Yehudit’s teaching. If you are interested in the phenomenology of the therapeutic relationship, careful guidance about bodily relating, and bringing more of yourself into your interactions, Yehudit’s workshop is a great place to explore!

Social Oriented Focusing (SOF) teaches us to untie the KNOTS and NOTS that interfere with relating to others, enabling us to overcome our fears, barriers, and automatic behaviours. Imagine being really present in the here-and-now, free to be yourself and to experience joy instead of repetitive, stressful patterns of interaction.

In this 2-day workshop, Yehudit will guide us on an SOF journey of discovery from separation/isolation to genuine connection. Within a safe group setting, we will learn ways to express what is often left unspoken by creating conditions for felt conversation, fostering deep connection and healing.

SOF skills for life expand our Focusing experience from intrapersonal to interpersonal, teaching us how to be authentic with ourselves and each other while feeling grounded and safe. The workshop includes presentations, guided exercises, group work, and time for sharing and questions. The workshop is open to participants who have at least a basic understanding of Focusing practice.

Yehudit First is an experienced Body Psychotherapist, Group Facilitator, Teacher of Focusing/FOT and TIFI Coordinator from Israel. She is known for her emphasis on interpersonal connection through Social Oriented Focusing (SOF). Yehudit shares her expertise globally, teaching SOF online to Focusers worldwide. She also uses SOF in her clinic and through Zoom for individual, group and couple therapy sessions.

For more information on Yehudit’s trainings see:

The price for the 2 full days (10-5pm) is: £250 £199 EARLY BIRD RATE UNTIL MID-JULY.


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