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certified TIFI practitioner

9th April 2024 - 6th February 2024 Zoom

Focusing Skills Certificate Workshop/Event

This training is open to people who have completed the previous training. In this training you learn to teach Focusing to a group, and some ways to  bring Focusing into the world. Each student has to find 3-5 people to whom  they can give a basic course in Focusing (#1), and then have a preliminary  interview with each one, followed by the course.  This part of the training takes about another year.
The emphasis in our classes and training groups is on  Focusing in general and for the use of selfcare in daily life. You might want to teach parents, teachers, collegues, families, professionals in healthcare. Most of our trainees are professionals in coaching, therapies, bodywork, education etc..
Our main goal is to teach focusing to people so they can practice it privately and in their professional work, and to train new trainers so they can bring Focusing further into  the world, just from where they are.

4 key elements are important
1. Concrete experience (doing/ having an experience)
2. Reflective observation, (reviewing/ reflecting on the experience)
3. Active experimentation (planning, trying out what you have learned)
4. Abstract conceptualization (concluding, learning from the experience)


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