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FINAL CALL Embodied Relational Guiding & Companioning: Tools for guiding meditation, relaxations, attuning & grounding practices.

7th September 2023 - 26th October 2023 Zoom Online

Specialist Workshop/Event

For new and more experienced Focusing teachers inspired to develop your guiding in ‘inner landscape’ attuning skills.

Are you an inspired guide, companion, teacher or facilitator open to developing, deepening or learning new skills in how to guide or invite others skillfully in their inner experiential landscape?

Would you like to breathe new life into your approach, or perhaps want to review your practice?

Are you new or on the path to being a guide or a teacher in supporting others in their inner journey?

Guiding others in the complexity of their inner emotional and experiential landscape is an exquisite art, often challenging us to come from our deepest source of authenticity and creativity. There are however many pitfalls, such as being over prescriptive and mechanistic – hostage to guiding by rote, or leading purely from ‘the Cartesian thought based mind’ or simply having a shortfall in helpful linguistic distinctions, or even elements of anxiety within us that can get in the way, to mention but a few.

The emphasis of the course will be on what it means to come from an embodied quality of Presence which is able to rest deeply, naturally expressing itself creatively and compassionately. You can integrate the skills offered into your particular discipline.

On this course we will explore and offer depth learning in; 

  • How to offer exquisitely skilfull and subtle guidance creating a rewarding and empowering experience for the participant.
  • How to lead and come from a living, embodied-intuitive fresh edge sense rather than leading from the head by rote.
  • How to connect with your authentic, grounded, stable and centred sense of yourself.
  • Offering creative and inspiring guidance even from challenging states of mind.
  • Gaining helpful linguistic distinctions allowing you to guide with finer choice and more precision.
  • Experience a joyful sense of creativity and empowerment, inviting a flexibility in approach.

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