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Embodying the We Space

16th September 2020 On zoom

Introductory online

How do we stay present in the  important relationships in our life? How do we stay connected to ourselves in the small and large moments that make up these relationships? What is possible when we slow down and take time to establish these connections in a deep and embodied way?

In this workshop  we invite you to explore these questions by embodying  the ‘We Space’. This is a process of relearning how to be with yourself, with another person and with something that is greater.

It asks us to slow down and come into a deep and embodied connection with ourselves and each other. Once that connection is established we are capable of contacting the collective space in a more meaningful way.

WE aim to reawaken the body’s  innate ability to communicate, sense , inform and  intuit.  They are also working towards a deep felt understanding of connection. These are fundamental human faculties. Practicing and relearning them can guide and support us through these chaotic times

We are looking forward to sharing this experience with you.

The ‘We Space’ is a key component of learning Relational Whole Body Focusing.

This is an introductory level workshop – no experience of focusing is required and experienced focusers are of course also welcome!


This workshop is given together with   Bruna Blandino (Focusing Coordinator based in Italy) and Julian Crotti

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