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Embracing the difficult

2nd October 2023 - 6th October 2023 Bala Brook Retreat Centre South Brent, South Brent

Specialist Workshop/Event

A therapeutic retreat working along Focusing lines, welcoming our more difficult parts, embracing our darker emotions. Anger, fear, pain, grief, loss, hatred, anxiety…. all that we can find hard to bear at times.

We will be working creatively to explore and understand our coping mechanisms a bit more and find ways to respect and value their messages to us. From there we will explore meeting the critical, shut off, rejecting or overwhelmed ways we have to instead meet ourselves with more curiosity, interest and ultimately kindness, in order to support that within us that struggles.

There will be input, gentle bodywork, sharing, creative exercises, nature engagement, and weather depending a fire, ritual, dancing and story telling.

Isla Macdonald is a Focusing Practitioner with experience of treasure maps, children focusing, whole body focusing and working with parts every day in her counselling practice. She was a mindfulness teacher, a palliative care chaplain and has decades of inner work behind her. She is experienced in helping people with trauma, developmental wounding, spiritual crisis and difficult emotions. She uses embodied relational ways of working and knows the power and beauty of kindness and inner harmony.

Lucy Ascham uses the Alexander Technique as a core focus for restoring ease in the mind and body and explores the family’s hidden dynamics with Family constellations work. She loves to use her 20 years of experience to guide people on their journey towards more unity support and well being. Her expertise in healthy natural movements, living anatomy and the orders of love help restore body and soul. She invites clients to meet their embodied self more fully and more kindly, just where they are and for the unfolding journey.

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