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Enhanced Focusing Teaching and Guiding with Embodied Relational Presence Skills

11th March 2024 - 29th April 2024 Zoom Online

Professional Training Workshop/Event

Embark on the Journey of Embodied Relational Presence for Enhanced Focusing Teaching

‘Once you come into this literal body here, then you find a space that is much bigger than your literal body. It is quite clear that it is not exactly your literal body, but that is where the entrance is.’

Eugene Gendlin

Join the Transformation
This course is a beckoning to those who aspire to teach Focusing or seek to deepen their Embodied Presence Skills to complement their focusing teaching. Eugene Gendlin’s wisdom serves as the gateway to a profound exploration.

The Precious Gift of Focusing
“Focusing is a precious gift, an invitation into a nuanced ‘maze of meanings’ (Gendlin).”

  • A deft and discerning approach is the key to unlocking its transformative potential.
  • Embrace the ‘caught, not taught’ principle, requiring intuitive and empathic skills.

The Embodied Relational Presence Approach

  • Simon’s unique approach, grounded in Focusing, mindfulness, and Nonviolent Communication, sets the stage.
  • Embrace a grounded, resourced, and restful presence for creative and compassionate expression.

The Teaching Focus
“Create a rich and receptive, non-judgmental learning context valuing every individual.”

  • Prioritize deep connection and community building over outcomes.
  • Guide embodied Grounded Aware Presence meditations as the medium for transformative practices.

Inviting Grounded Safety and Purpose

  • Learn to invite others into greater grounded safety.
  • Instill a deep and sustainable grounded purpose based on Presence.

Holistic Learning Approach
“Emphasis on pausing and resting in spaciousness without the need to ‘educate.’”

  • Navigate teaching with a holistic, intuitive, and empathic approach.

Ongoing Community Connection and Free Recordings

  • Engage in inter-session community 1:1 empathy spaces for enrichment and support.
  • Enjoy free recordings of live guided reflections, extending the learning journey beyond each session.

Embark on this Journey of Presence

Join this course, not just as a learning opportunity but as a transformative voyage into Embodied Relational Presence. Let Eugene Gendlin’s words guide you into a space beyond the literal body, unlocking profound relationships and learning experiences.



Day Monday. Time 7pm – 8.30pm GMT 8 sessions over 8 weeks.


Dates March 11, 18, 25. April 1, 8, 15, 22, 29. 2024


Cost: £175 Concession £150


(Please, if finances is going to prevent you from coming along please chat to me, we can work something out, I would love for you to be there).


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