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Finding belonging: Mini course

20th April 2023

Introductory Workshop/Event

Begins Thursday 20th April, the classes on 27th, 11th May and 18th May. No class 4th May. 7-9pm.

What if our body had a compass that could lead us back to a sense of belonging? What if it knew what was missing? What if it knew what parts of us held us back from belonging?

Many of us long for a deeper sense of belonging especially in these times of fragmentation and separation. It is a deep and ancient need that seems elusive, distant or impossible. But what does belonging even mean or feel like? And what does our body know about it?

This four week online course will share tools from Focusing in our search for belonging. We will explore how when we open to everything inside – we us to create inner belonging, opening a space to all that has been exiled. We will explore what might hold us back from deeper connection to others? – welcoming anything that makes these connections hard. Finally we will touch on how belonging can be found through connection to nature and the cosmos.

By the end of the course you will have learnt steps towards:

  • Accepting all parts of ourselves to find inner belonging
  • How to meet parts of us that keep us apart from others
  • How to find belonging in the nature world
  • How we belong to a bigger system…

The course will have optional home practice each week and some guided audio exercises between weeks 2 and 3 – to be explored in the natural world.

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