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Focusing and the Magic of Embodied Presence Zoom Course

10th January 2024 - 14th February 2024 Zoom Online

Focusing Skills Certificate Workshop/Event

Welcome to the “Focusing and The Magic of Embodied Relational Presence” Zoom Course, Level 3 of the Beginners Focusing Skills British Focusing Association (BFA) Course. Running on Wednesdays from Jan 10 to Feb 14, 2024, 7 – 9 pm GMT, this course explores the gifts of the body in Focusing and Companioning, emphasising embodied aliveness and the ‘felt-sense.’

Focusing and The Magic of Embodied Relational Presence Zoom Course

Dates: Jan 10, 17, 24, 31. Feb 7, 14, 2024 (Wednesdays, 7 – 9 pm GMT)


Course Overview

​The gifts of the body in Focusing and Companioning

Embodied aliveness as a gateway to the Bigger Space

Fresh forward movement through embodiment, gestures, postures & movement and the ‘felt-sense’

The Body and resonance with Nature


Course Highlights

Unlock innate healing alchemy through intuitive presence.

Practices to listen, trust, and respond to your body’s wisdom.

Integration of relational presence, embodied awareness, and intuitive development.



Enhanced Healing Capacities

Heightened Awareness

Sharpened Intuition

Practical Integration in personal and professional realms

What is Focusing?

A pilgrimage of self-discovery. Honoring the present moment. Turning attention inward to the body’s whispers. The dance between Embodiment, healing and intuition.


What You Will Gain

Unshakeable Embodied Relational Presence

Grounded safety for deep transformation
Compassionate response to the inner critic

Deep inner healing process

Empathic and sensitive listening


Course approach

Live, intuitive, fun, play, safety, small group meetups, plenaries, and interactivity
Unique Hallmark: Unshakable Presence (Mindfulness, Focusing, Nonviolent Communication synergy)


Commencement and Completion

Accreditation: Level 3 is part of the 1-5 level BFA Focusing Skills accredited course.

Cost: £175 over a 6-week period (Bursaries available upon request).

“Such a magnificent year of journeying…” – Marta Fabregat

“An absolute gem of a course and Trainer…” – Carolyn Jane Davies



Free recordings of live guided Focusing reflections.

Community 1:1 Focusing spaces for ongoing support.


Simon’s background:

Over 30 years of teaching and training in Mindfulness, Nonviolent Communication, Focusing, and Presence-related skills.
University of Cambridge Associate Mindfulness Teacher.
CNVC certified Nonviolent Communication Trainer.
BFA Focusing Teacher.
Extensive experience in various settings, including corporate and educational establishments.

Info and Booking

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