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Focusing and the Starriness of Things (Cardiff)

13th May 2023 - 14th May 2023 12 St Peter's St, Cardiff, CF24 3BA, Wales

Introductory Workshop/Event

Gene Gendlin’s, Focusing paradigm invites a connection to an essential nature of what it means to be human. It is primarily a venture into what we don’t know at any given moment through direct experience. In this sense, Focusing is not about Focusing, but about the emergent relationship of the quintessential essence of oneself with others, with nature, with a deep transformative effect.

This practice will give you the opportunity to enhance and deepen your own meditation practice by;
Deepening a quality of natural embodiment for a grounded aware presence.
Allow you to sublimate your inner edges of discomfort for an emergent freshness and newness in the moment.

Give you practical tools to deepen your connection with others, and relate to them from, and to more depth.
Allow you to move from living in the head into a more sensory and free-flowing dimension.

The training weekend will be interactive, spontaneous, fun, playful, and community orientated.

When & Where?
13-14th May, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm at the Cardiff Yoga Studio

How much?
Fully waged – £95
Concession – Part Waged – £80
Concession – Unwaged – £70

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