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Focusing for Everybody Level 3. 9th and 10th November 2019

9th November 2019 - 10th November 2019 The Meeting Place, North Street, Westbourne, W Sussex, PO10 8SP, South East

Focusing Skills Certificate

Focusing Level 3 Cost £125 including 12 Hour CPD Certificate, tea coffee and cake. Lunch not included.

With John Threadgold and Russ Kendall 

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for anyone who has completed Level 1 and 2 of the Focusing skills certificate, with Russ and John, and who wants to expand their theory knowledge, skills and focusing practice. This course may also be suitable for people who have completed other focusing training with BFA or other Focusing teachers.This course is also suitable for therapists who have completed other focusing training and want to expand their knowledge for personal and professional development.

What does the course cover?

This course includes 

1) A brief overview of Levels 1 and 2 of the previous focusing courses with John and Russ. 
2) Our interactions with the world in which we live, and what we bring to our focusing partnerships. (Art Exercise covering our core self, resources life experiences etc 
3) Focusing Partnership skills, including experiential listening skills from our own sense of grounded presence. This includes a joint focuser/ focusing partner grounding exercise at the start of the focusing session, and the focusing partner listening and reflecting from their intuitive empathetic felt sense of the focuser and their issues. 
4) Working with specific issues in focusing, how to formulate the right questions. eg, emotional issues, practical decisions, etc. ) and what to do if they do not seem to work 
5) A brief  introduction to  focusing with the positives, including finding a safe place or space, inviting discovering and expanding our resources and discovering what change might feel like. 
6) A brief exploration of Mindfulness based coping strategies for issues when focusing is not possible. ( The Four Steps and revisiting Standing and grounding exercise)
7) Further focusing resources and training. 

Training Methods.

John and Russ  will offer focusing demonstrations, question and answer sessions, use of art to carry forward the felt sense, as well as small group work where we will act as a resource for the group or smaller groups where this happens.

Your Trainers.

Who are your trainers?

John Threadgold. B.A. Hons M.A. MBACP (Accred)  

He is a Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapist, and Supervisor, and is a recognised Focusing Teacher by the International Focusing Institute and the British Focusing Association.

He is also BACP Accredited for counselling and psychotherapy, a qualified supervisor, and a member of the BACP The Focusing Institute, British Focusing Association, the Trauma and Abuse group ( TAG) the ACC. He runs a private counselling practice called New Focus Therapy. See .

Russell Kendall B.SC ( Hons ) MSc Psych. MBACP (Accred.) is an experienced therapist and mindfulness teacher with 20 years’ experience of mindfulness practice. He integrates Mindfulness into his therapeutic practice and runs mindfulness groups. He is also a Psychology lecturer and holds an MSc in Organisational Psychology. 

To Book.  Please contact John Threadgold at New Focusing Therapy. Tel 020 8330 7341


Russ Kendall  Tel 07794 713573

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