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Focusing for art

21st January 2017 Gospel Oak, London, London


This is a workshop for artists who want to improve their practice using the experiential practice known as 'Focusing' developed by contemporary philosopher Eugene Gendlin. Focusing allows you to connect fully with yourself and by doing so everything around you. This helps you see better, be more in touch with 'imagination' and 'unconscious', become more interested in the line - and get through those obstacles to making art work. Focusing has been used to help people develop theories, ideas, poetry - and artwork. During the class you will learn how to incorporate Focusing into your art practice. We will start to find ways into and learn some of the basic principles while developing new ways of approaching art-making through guided practice.

This one day workshop costs £30 per person. There are some concessions slots available which cost £10 for the day. A vegan lunch will be available for £5. Please bring your own art materials and board (we will be working on drawings in pencil, colour pencil, chalk, oil pastel, ink or watercolour).

Please contact me (Alex Brew) on alexandbrew [at] with what you're currently working on and why you would like to attend.

More information on art and Focusing can be found on my blog:

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