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LAST CALL Focusing Foundation for Healing and Intuition Course on Zoom

20th May 2024 - 1st July 2024 Zoom Online

Focusing Skills Certificate Workshop/Event

Focusing Foundation for Healing and Intuitive Mastery Course


Focusing Skills British Focusing Association (BFA) Accredited Course 2024 – 2025 (comprised of 5 modules/subcourses) This is the first course.

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Embark on the adventure of focusing, where you’ll discover profound meaning and connection with yourself and others.


This course offers

  • Enhanced awareness through Embodied Relational Experience
  • Experience depth through embodied practices that foster awareness and relational presence.
  • Grounding for wholeness and a sense of safety
  • Learn to ground yourself, fostering a sense of safety and wholeness in the focusing process.
  • Noticing for embodied connection and relationship – explore the transformative art of ‘noticing,’ allowing for profound healing and rest.



Enhanced Healing Capacities: Access your body’s innate wisdom for self-discovery and healing, meeting the fundamental needs for growth and well-being.

Heightened Awareness: Cultivate a profound connection with your body’s subtle signals, inviting a deep sense of presence and understanding.

Sharpened Intuition: Cultivate intuitive capacities beyond conventional understanding, nurturing feelings of insight and clarity.

Practical Integration: Apply Gendlin’s teachings in personal and professional realms, creating a harmonious blend of healing practices and intuitive development that align with your met needs for authenticity and purpose


What is Focusing?


Focusing is a pilgrimage of self-discovery, where the body becomes both compass and companion, leading us towards the wellspring of healing and the untapped realms of intuitive insight.


Fosters self-friendship, and unveiling transformative beauty within.

Offer a gentle dance between Presence and intuition, guiding us into the depths of embodied wisdom.


Lisa inspires about the Focusing course 60 seconds!




Facilitation Style

Live, intuitive, and congruent with Embodied Relational Presence. Sessions include fun, play, safety, small group meetups, plenaries, interactivity, emergent elements, excitement, community orientation, and conscious pauses for reflection.


Unique Hallmark: Unshakable Presence A synthesis of Mindfulness, Focusing, and Nonviolent Communication, creating a powerful synergy for a resilient and creatively connected unshakable presence.



Extra ongoing support


Unique Offering: Enjoy free recordings of live guided Focusing reflections from each session and a copy of the session audio for continued learning.
Community Support: Engage in inter-session community 1:1 Focusing spaces for ongoing learning and support


Course Details Commencement and Completion & Day & Time

Dates Monday 20, 27 May. 3, 10, 17, 24 June. 1 July. 2024

Time: 7pm – 8.30 GMT




£175 (over 8 week period) / £150 Concession


I would love for you to be present to benefit from Gene’s vision of Focusing as I have, so if financially less liquidable payment plans/options and some bursaries available, please contact me directly to explore options.


The above Course constitutes one of five courses together creating the Focusing for Healing and Intuition, BFA Focusing Skills Course. See details of the whole course.

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