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Focusing Level 5: Trauma and Action Blocks

7th September 2022 - 28th September 2022 Online

Focusing Skills Certificate online

Focusing is a gentle way of paying ourselves attention and deepening self-awareness. It trusts that our body knows and can tell us what we need for physical and emotional health.

During Level five, there will be group discussions, experiential work in pairs and Wholebody Focusing exercises.

Focusing partnerships are encouraged and there will be opportunities to discuss your experiences of Focusing and Companioning.

Workshop Structure

The course is divided into four parts, each with a particular theme as follows:

PART 1 – Trauma day 1  Over the next two weeks, participants will look at trauma from a Focusing perspective. On day one the emphasis is upon meanings, understandings and experiences of trauma. There will be mention of symptoms and we will also look at Focusing from various theoretical viewpoints.


PART 2 – Trauma day 2 We will continue working with trauma theory. The value of being self-in-presence as therapists whilst working with trauma issues will be emphasised. We will look at how we find our grounding and there will be various grounding exercises for you to try out.


PART 3 – Action Blocks An action block refers to something that you want to do and yet you do not do it. There is the feeling that you cannot do it. We will look at what is happening internally to prevent us from carrying out the action. Participants will discover how we can work with action blocks in a Focusing way that is enabling and also increases self- understanding and self-awareness.


PART 4 – Next Steps As we come to the end of the Focusing certificate there will be time for participants to review their own process and opportunity to consider incorporating Focusing within therapy practice. We will look at continuing your Focusing journey and I will provide information about further training and useful websites.


Workshop Outcomes

  • Exploring meanings, understandings and experiences of trauma
  • Understanding trauma from a Focusing perspective
  • Looking at the importance of grounding as therapists
  • Will have had the opportunity to try out various grounding exercises
  • Gain understandings of action blocks and what is happening internally to prevent actions from being carried out
  • Discover how we can work with action blocks in a Focusing way
  • As Companion, supporting a Focuser who is working with an action block
  • Opportunity to review your process and to look at how you might continue your Focusing journey
  • Bringing a Focusing way of being to your therapy practice



Part 1 7th September 2022

Part 2 14th September 2022

Part 3 21st September 2022

Part 4 28th September 2022




Tel: 07941958034

Level five is the last of five Focusing levels which form the British Focusing Association Certificate in Focusing Skills. You will need to complete previous levels before joining the level five training

Taught by  Paula Newman with Onlinevents

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