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Focusing Level 4: The Inner Critic

11th October 2023 - 1st November 2023

Focusing Skills Certificate Workshop/Event

Level four is the fourth of five Focusing levels which form the British Focusing Association Certificate in Focusing Skills.

You will need to complete level’s one, two and three before joining the level four training



Part 1 October 11, 2023

Part 2 October 18, 2023

Part 3 October 25, 2023

Part 4 November 01, 2023


Workshop Structure

During Level four, there will be group discussions, experiential work in pairs and Whole-body Focusing exercises. Focusing partnerships are encouraged and there will be opportunities to discuss your experiences of Focusing and Companioning.

The course is divided into four parts, each with a particular theme as follows:

PART 1 – The Inner critic Our topic refers to an inner ‘voice’ that you might have noticed. perhaps it criticizes your actions, maybe it tells you that you are not capable enough to try something new. Participants will have opportunities to explore their own experiences of the inner critic. We will consider what lies beneath its judgmental attitude and how we can work with the inner critic in a compassionate manner.

PART 2 – Focusing Challenges We will consider some of the difficulties that can occur during a Focusing session. I will mention some common challenges which participants may recognise. There will also be space to discuss any areas that you feel uncertain about as Focuser and Companion.

PART 3 – Focusing and Symbols During a Focusing session symbols may emerge from the felt sense. We will look at their value at each stage and how to work with symbols effectively. Visual images or pictures sometimes symbolise an experience. We will consider the Companion’s role whilst accompanying a focuser who is in touch with an image. Dreams are also symbols. In preparation for our topic in part four I will give you some tips for remembering dreams.

PART 4 – Focusing with dreams During part four, participants we will see how we can deepen understandings of our dreams by working with the felt sense. You are invited to bring a dream of your own to explore in an exercise.


Workshop Outcomes

  • Understanding the inner critic and its intentions
  • Exploring personal experiences and reactions towards the inner critic
  • Turning towards the inner critic, being in relationship with it and using Focusing language to enable change
  • Increased confidence as Focuser and Companion
  • Greater understandings of difficulties that can occur during a Focusing session
  • Learning about how to work with certain difficulties that can occur during a Focusing session
  • Understanding the value of symbols at different stages of a Focusing session
  • Companioning the focuser whilst they are in touch with an image
  • Experience working with a dream in a Focusing way


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