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Focusing-Oriented Therapy Level 5

15th September 2018 - 16th September 2018 Private House in Southsea Portsmouth. Venue details supplied when booked., South East

Focusing Skills Certificate

Focusing -Oriented Therapy Level 5 is suitable for therapists who have completed my Level 1-4, and also for therapists who have completed other training in Focusing for personal and /  or Professional development. The cost is £125 for the weekend including notes and a 12 Hour CPD certificate.

In this course we we explore:

  1. How you use Focusing in your personal and professional life
  2. Re-cap on Levels 1-4
  3. How you are integrating Focusing into your therapeutic theory and practice.
  4. Consolidation of Focusing into your therapy practice, in relation to  (a) Whole Body Focusing, (b)Focusing moments (c) Resource- Oriented Focusing d) Self configurations and inner dialogue e) Grounding and affect regulation strategies multi- mindful anchoring . f) Exploring strategies for clients to use outside of the therapy room.
  5. Any other issues that you may wish to raise in relation to focusing and your personal and professional development.                                                                                                                                                                               To Book please contact me at via my web site or ring 020 8330 7341 and I will get back to you

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