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Focusing Practitioner Programme (leads to becoming a BFA Certified Focusing Practitioner)

22nd September 2023 - 27th September 2024 Online - via zoom

Professional Training Workshop/Event

Deepen your relationship with Focusing

Develop your ability to facilitate a Focusing process for others

Expand Focusing into your life and world!


The online Focusing Practitioner Programme is a learning, developing and experiencing process which will take around 15 to 18 months and is aimed to help you integrate Focusing further into your life and/or work and to equip you to introduce others to the Focusing process through one to one teaching and guiding.

The course will support you to facilitate a Focusing process for others, whether by providing Focusing one to one sessions, bringing Focusing in to an existing role such as counselling or another helping profession, or by weaving aspects of Focusing into some other sort of interaction with people.

The course will also support your own unique journey of bringing Focusing into your life or work in whatever way you wish to! For instance, perhaps you have a sense that Focusing can support your creativity, it might be that you wish to see how Focusing can enhance your personal relationships, you may wish to allow a greater connection between Focusing and your spiritual practice to form, or it may be that you’re interested in spreading the word of Focusing out into the world more. There is almost nothing in life that you can’t combine Focusing with!

This programme includes scheduled elements but will also take place at your own pace meaning that you will complete the programme at some point after the taught days and when we both sense that you are ready – allowing for mentoring sessions and your own learning process to take place in a time frame that fits your individual process. A commitment to regular Focusing practice throughout the programme is essential. The written work elements are intended to support your learning and development process rather than being particularly academic in nature.

Topics covered on the Programme will include areas such as

  • Clarifying the Focusing process
  • Getting the best out of our Focusing partnerships
  • Introducing a new person to Focusing – teaching and guiding one to one
  • Supporting people through Focusing in helping roles
  • Focusing attitudes and values
  • Being present in the process
  • Communicating about Focusing
  • Attunements within Focusing
  • The clearing a space process and the background feeling
  • Focusing ethics and business issues
  • Focusing in the wider world
  • Identity, diversity and power in the Focusing realm

The online programme consists of:

Scheduled elements

9 day long taught workshops – roughly once a month on Fridays
3 evening sessions – two hours each after roughly each block of three days
15 + individual mentoring sessions
3 supporting mentor sessions
Possibly additional group sessions as negotiated
Additional workshop(s) with another teacher (Revisiting the Skills Certificate or other teachers’ workshops)

In your own time

Personal Focusing practice, weekly/fortnightly
Reading and exploring around your project
Introducing Focusing to a number of people new to Focusing
Any other work on your chosen project
Written work will include reflecting on your process and summarising your practical work


To join the Programme you will need to have completed the BFA Skills Certificate

We will have a one to one session or sessions to explore suitability of the Programme for you at this time


9 x training days  – £720
3 x facilitated peer support sessions (2 hrs)  – £75
15 x Mentoring sessions (currently £55 per hour)
Admin, reading written work etc – £100

Dates – Fridays 10-5, Thursdays 6.30-8.30
Friday 22nd September 2023
Friday 13th October 2023
Friday 24th November 2023
Thursday 30th November 2023 – evening session
Friday 26thJanuary 2024
Friday 23rd February 2023
Friday 22nd March 2024
Thursday 25th April 2024 – evening session
Friday 17th May 2024
Friday 28th June 2024
Thursday 11th July 2024 – evening session
Friday 27th Sep 2024

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