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Introduction to Focusing with Carolann Samuels

4th February 2017 Canterbury Christchurch University - Canterbury Campus, South East


Focusing is Mindfulness and more.  On this one-day course we will explore ways of being with ourselves, our experiences and emotions; improving our sense of well-being and physical and mental health.  These are natural skills that we can rediscover and reconnect with.

Non-judgmental, safe and gentle, they support us in finding insights into issues in our lives, and reconnecting with the flow of life within us.  As we turn towards our present moment experience together, we learn ways to help guide us in creativity, decision-making and emotional wisdom.

The day will be largely experiential.  Handouts will be available.  No assessment or written work is required.

You can book at the Canterbury Christchurch website:

There will be a follow-up day on Saturday 18th February at Manor Barn, Canterbury.  Please book this day directly with me: or call on 07757 854 111.


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