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Unshakable Presence: Focusing Skills for Connection Calm & Resilience (Cambridge)

6th May 2023 - 7th May 2023 Orwell House, Cambridge, CB4 0PP

Introductory Workshop/Event

Unshakable Presence

 A deeply embodied and spacious approach to living

Orwell House Cambridge CB4 0PP

“To feel our feet on Grand Mother Earth is a prayer that only a few will ever understand!”


Covers Modules 1 and 2 of the Focusing skills course

Who for? T

his is open to beginners and to those with experience who want to deepen and advance their skills.  There will be the usual in depth community feel, play and a mercurial approach for a fluid and expansive experience.

When – where? May 6th – 7th.   A two day event in Cambridge.

What is Focusing?

Focusing offers a safe, creative and quietly profound way of being even with what we find most difficult and challenging for deep healing and a natural creativity. In focusing we are often pleasantly surprised by fresh or new spaces emerging, even from ‘impossibly stuck’ places. It is, in my experience a deeply satisfying process allowing my heart and soul space to breathe and be itself, to find its own sense of rightness. It is a moment by moment way of ‘coming home’ to yourself so you can breathe and be comfortable in your own skin. Amaze yourself into a fresh new you, this is pure magic We share this amazing experience as a community, yet realise the benefits individually.

What you will get

The emphasis is on embodied and relational living Invites creativity, freshness and meaning Release repetitive stuck-persistent states into their own healing Inspires curiosity, safety and stability Fosters a kindly relationship with the ‘inner critic’ for resolution and peace Reducing overwhelm and panic places fast Transforms and releases anxiety Creates deep connection and community

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