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Focusing with a Life Issue: Four Week Personal Development Course

19th May 2022 - 9th June 2022 Online - via zoom

Specialist online

Thursdays 13.00-15.30 19th, 26th May, 2nd, 9th June on Zoom – £130 – space for 4-6 people

Take the opportunity to work on an issue in your life with the support of the Focusing process in a small regular online group. You might want to, for instance, improve your self-esteem, work on a relationship issue, break a habit or consider a life choice. The course will expand your knowledge of Focusing, enrich your Focusing practice and deepen your connection with yourself and others. The taught aspects on our relationship with ourself and what holds us back in life, along with the group sharing will compliment your Focusing partnership practice on the course to help you work on your chosen issue. An optional discounted one to one Focusing session enhances the process further.


If you have experienced Focusing before you will know the power that this natural process has to help us get in touch with our inner knowing. If you don’t have prior experience of the Focusing-Listening process you can join the group on completion of a one to one session with Suzi. Focusing with a life issue can help you get a clearer sense of how your body wants you to live forward with this issue. Listening in to your holistic sense of yourself in your life can bring a fresh sense of the issue and of your unique process towards shifting it.


Develop your ability to be present with yourself, get familiar with your parts and notice how they interact. Develop the life practice of listening inside in a compassionate, embodied way which welcomes all aspects of your experience. Experience how being present with your all your inner parts can help you unlock their potential to work together.


Week one: Developing Presence

Developing our ability to be present with ourselves is the key to feeling able to manage our difficult emotions and experiences in life. From a place of grounded presence we can be with the different aspects of our inner experience in a way which supports them, allows us to learn from them and make progress with life issues. This is the foundation for the rest of the series.


Week two: Working with our parts

We all host a range of parts inside us – these inner aspects of ourselves serve a purpose and can move and change over time. Being identified with a part can lead to problems in our lives. We may push away or shutdown certain aspects of our experience, or become overwhelmed by them. Learning to listen to these parts with balance helps us know what the whole of us needs.


Week three: Working with what’s stuck

Many persistent life difficulties relate to a sense of something being stuck. You will learn why you might not seem to progress, whatever you try, and how inner listening can help get your life energy unstuck and moving forward.


Week four: Working with lesser known parts

Often parts of us that we are not aware of or in touch with can have a big influence on our lives. You will gain more understanding of your relationship with these parts and explore how beginning to make contact with them can help you move forward.


Optional discounted one to one Focusing session at the beginning of the course to help you hone in on the issue you wish to work with or at the end of the course to help you consolidate what has emerged throughout the course. A combination of the group work and one to ones will enhance your experience.

Discounted one to ones (£40) should be booked early to ensure availability. Additional one to ones (£55) can also be scheduled to supplement the experience further.


If you have any questions about the course, or about whether you have suitable experience to join, do get in touch. As a rough guide, if you have taken part in a day’s Introduction to Focusing or had a one to one session either of which included taking both the role of Focuser and Listener, you will be able to join, but other appropriate experience will be considered.

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