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FREE TASTER Healing and Creativity through Focusing

16th February 2023 Zoom

Introductory Workshop/Event

7 – 8.15 pm Thursday Jan 19 on Zoom

Get your Free ticket now. Join us for a free dive into the depths of the magical deep healing elements of the Focusing approach.  This is a precursor to a course (Commence 13 Feb 2023 AND you can join in the second week 20 Feb with a discount) and yet of significance and value in and of itself.

Explore some of the themes, principles and practices leading to;

    a deeper and more rewarding sense of wholeness and wellbeing.

   ways of grounding and earthing for an immediate sense of safety and connection

   fun and exploration together in a safe and meaningful community sharing context

   make new friends.

Book your free place now.

FREE Healing and Creativity Focusing Taster


More on the Facilitator

Simon, also known as K2, is an experienced trainer and coach, and a Buddhist practitioner of 30 years.  He teaches and is affiliated with the University of Cambridge, the Mindfulness in Schools Project, Breathworks (Mindfulness and Pain Management), the Centre for Nonviolent Communication, and the British Focusing Association.

His ‘Living Presence’ approach is a distillation of the three paradigms of Mindfulness, Focusing and Nonviolent Communication, and is designed to enable individuals and communities to find their way into realising the heart’s longing.

“Every part within us has it’s own healing mechanism and knows it’s own rightness,” says Simon (Quoting Gene Gendlin of course!). “We just need to know how to hold and be available to these parts in a safe and supportive way, and, as if by magic, the fresh edge will flow into it’s newness.”




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