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How to lose it less with your kids! Free Seminar – Focusing skills for more empathic parenting

11th March 2021

Introductory online

Do you find that despite your best intentions, you can end up losing it with your children and saying and doing things you regret?

Do you feel guilty after losing it with your child and resolve not to do it again, but then it happens again….and again?

Would you like to feel less reactive and more able to meet parenting challenges with compassion and wisdom?

If these apply to you, you are definitely not alone! These are common parenting experiences. But the good news is that there are ways of working through these reactions and reducing the likelihood of them happening again. Focusing is a great approach for this!

On this free 60 minute seminar we will explore how Focusing can help us to find deeper connection with ourselves and with our children. We will explore central themes around:

  • Identifying and disentangling triggers.
  • The core need for empathic connection – both within and without.
  • Tools from connected parenting approaches that fit with Focusing.

Open to anyone – whether you know Focusing or not. Aimed at parents new and old, caregivers and anyone working with children.

March 11th at 11-12 noon GMT

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